Brits left unimpressed as worker is caught on camera berating apprentice who is left in despair by grilling

BRITS have been left unimpressed after a worker was caught on camera berating a young apprentice who is soon left in a state of despair.

The unidentified labourers were spotted yesterday after the older worker’s yelling awoke Drew Gibson from his slumber in the West Midlands.

Drew, 27, grabbed his phone and began filming from his bedroom window as the apprentice was forced to stand there and take a telling off in the middle of the street.

The video shows the pair standing in high vis get-up beside their vehicle at the side of the road as the more senior worker addresses his younger counterpart.

He shouts: “Have you tried listening to me all day?”

The apprentice sighs back, “Yes” before the older man replies: “No you ain’t.”

The camera zooms in closer as the man walks towards the apprentice and gestures to a road offscreen.

He can be heard saying: “I just asked you to something there and then in 30 seconds you did the opposite.”

The apprentice stands motionless as the man continues his tirade, yelling: “I literally told you on that junction what I wanted you to do.”

The apprentice turns away from the man, who adds: “You turned around. You’ve come down here, you did the opposite.”

The conversation is then muffled as a van passes the pair; however, the man can be seen raising his arms out and then gesturing to their vehicle.

However, a follow-up video filmed by Drew then sees the interaction take a twist as the apprentice can be heard screaming back: “You just drill into me, drill into me. I just want to get it right.”

Undeterred, the older man can be heard shouting back: “Why are you asking questions then?”

He continues to argue with the apprentice, whose screams get higher pitched as he yells: “I don’t know.”

The video ends as the pair continue to trade shouts at each other as Drew watches on in disbelief.

The footage was posted by Drew yesterday, writing: “Being woke up to the apprentice getting told off.”

The post received over 5,800 likes and dozens of comments from Brits left shocked by the treatment of the apprentice.

One person wrote: “Tip for any young apprentice: Don’t allow anyone to speak to you like that. Put a stop to it straight away and believe me, it won’t happen again.”

Pictured: The feud between the two workers. (C) Drew Morris.

Another said: “Aw, [I] feel for him. How not to communicate effectively.”

A third commented: “I had a boss like this before I joined the ambulance service. Great way to lose employees, I would’ve just walked off.”

A fourth added: “As an apprentice, put your foot down. Don’t let them speak to you like that. Once they realise that you’re not an easy target they’ll respect you – simple.”

A fifth claimed: “This is my firm. He had to get his brother in because no one will work with him. It’s every week.”