Brit mum shares spooky experiences in 130-year-old home, reveals son has spoken to “ghosts” since day one

A BRIT mum has shared the spooky experiences she has had in her 130-year-old home – including her son casually speaking to two “ghosts“.

Maz Parkin moved into her home in Todmorden, West Yorkshire 17 years ago and claims she and her family have had encounters with mysterious entities “Peter” and “Rachel” since the very start.

The 44-year-old claims that on the very first day her then 4-year-old son pulled her aside to introduce her to previous tenant Rachel – whilst gesturing towards an empty space.

Since then, Maz says every member of the family has seen and heard odd things, such as footsteps running around upstairs, dogs growling at the corners of rooms and even disembodied voices.

Maz’s street.

Maz alleges that her unnamed son used to convey messages from the previous inhabitants with vocabulary typical of an era gone by.

Curious Maz now aims to find out if there ever was a Peter or Rachel that lived in the old Victorian house and took to social media for help yesterday (SUN), writing: “Slightly spooky issue.

“When we first moved into our house 17 years ago my then 4-year-old started talking to ‘Peter’ and ‘Rachel’ whose house it apparently was.

“In fact, the first time we walked into the house he pulled me into the corner and said, ‘Mummy this is Rachel, and she lives here’.

“For a few years he would come out with things Peter and Rachel had said to him – such as one time when I told him I’d fix a broken toy later, he said, ‘Peter says mothers do the mending and fathers do the fixing’ which was quite Victorian-sounding to me.

“Another time he said, ‘Peter likes the stories about the steam locomotive’ – again not language you’d expect from a toddler.

“We have had a few unexplained bangs, clatters and clanks over the years and all of us at some point have heard footsteps up above when there is nobody upstairs and our dogs sometimes run to a certain corner growling for no obvious reason.

“Most of these things I am sure can be explained away and the household certainly never feels oppressive or frightening, but I often think about Peter and Rachel and wonder if they ever actually lived in our house.

“It’s a Victorian terrace which was built in 1891 and was part of an estate of workers cottages for what used to be Merrybents Mill in Todmorden.

“I wondered if anyone knows if there is a way of tracing back and seeing who has lived here in the past?

“I have Googled a few things but usually end up coming back to an ancestry type page which is quite expensive.”

Maz’s post has since received over 340 likes and more than 630 comments from users offering suggestions on how she could find out if the entities used to live in her home.

One said: “Contact Danny Robbins at the BBC, he investigates with experts for a podcast called Uncanny. They look into history, possible explanations and the unexplained.”

Another replied: “Census or would it not be on your house deeds? Totally invested in this now and need to know what you find out.”

A third added: “Well this post and comments was a stupid thing to read at 1am, don’t dare look around and away from my phone now. But I would be interested to hear the outcome…in the day though.”

Speaking today, Maz revealed: “One of the spookiest (but most helpful) experiences had to be when I was asleep after a night shift and the power went without me realising.

My phone didn’t go off- I woke up to hear as clear as day a man’s voice say ‘Ma’am – you need to get up now’ and I opened my eyes and realised it was dark and I’d overslept for picking my kids up at school.”