Shocking video shows protesters at London march chanting “Nazi” word at anti-Zionist Jews

A SHOCKING video shows protesters at the London march against antisemitism chanting a “Nazi” word at anti-Zionist Jewish people.

Thousands of protesters showed up and marched through the streets of London as part of the march against antisemitism last weekend.

However, things appeared to become heated when protesters were caught chanting “Judenrat” at anti-Zionist Jews.

“Judenrat” were administrative bodies established in German occupied Europe during World War Two which purported to represent a Jewish community in dealings with the Nazi authorities.

The chant was directed at anti-Zionist Jews by a member of the march against antisemitism protest.
The chant was directed at anti-Zionist Jews by a member of the march against antisemitism protest.

The Germans required Jews to form Judenrat across the occupied territories at local and sometimes national levels.

The video shows a group of protesters who were part of last Sunday’s march facing off with police and a group of anti-Zionist Jewish people advocating for Palestine.

A man near the front of the group can be seen draped in an Israel flag and begins fiercely chanting the word “Judenrat” whilst shaking his hand, pointing at the anti-Zionist Jews.

The unidentified woman behind the camera appears to be informing a nearby police officer, saying: “Judenrat? That is literally a Nazi saying.”

The police offer little reaction as they stand between the two groups of protesters, prompting the woman filming to question their inaction.

She continues: “We’ve now got people shouting ‘Judenrat’.

“The cops are doing absolutely nothing despite this man here literally saying ‘Judenrat’, which this officer should know, if they went to school, is a word that the literal Nazis used.

“Yet Zionists say that they’re not Nazis.”

She then turns the camera back to the crowd and points at an unidentified man, claiming: “This guy is called Brexit Brian [and] is a known fascist, friends with Tommy Robinson.”

The clip was posted to social media last Sunday, where it received over 1,100 likes on social media and more than 190 comments from stunned users.

One user said: “I did a double take and had to reread it. It almost doesn’t make any sense. The more you read it, the more insane it sounds.”

Another added: “Well, there goes any concept of ‘peak irony’.”

A third said: “It’s clear hate speech. If this was anyone else the police would arrest them. But they are the protected (by power/by the state/politicians), chosen people.”

Zionism is a nationalist movement that was established in the 19th century and advocates for the development and protection of the state of Israel.

It has been a contentious subject as of late with many arguing on both sides about its morality, with anti-Zionism being equated to antisemitism and Zionism being equated to the persecution of Palestinians.