Brit reveals his “day in the life” as a football agent, flies to watch client bag double in the Champions League

A FOOTBALL agent has shared his “day in the life” with a visit to his clients in the Spanish capital and explained how to stay on top in the industry.

Ned Ozkasim is a FIFA licensed football agent who has worked with some of the best in the game including his current client, former Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata.

Whilst super-agents are routinely discussed during transfer windows, with names such as Jorge Mendes and the late Mino Raiola often heard, day-to-day life for football agents is shrouded in mystery.

Recently, 35-year-old Ned given football fans a rare behind the scenes look at life as an agent for some of the world’s best players.

The agent flew from London over to Madrid to take in two UEFA Champions League games as his client Alvaro Morata starred at the Metropolitano.

Ned’s video begins as he narrates: “Yes guys, seeing as my last video went down so well I’m going to give you another day-in-the-life of a football agent, and this time I’m heading out to Madrid for Atletico Madrid vs Celtic and Real Madrid vs Braga.”

The video shows Ned making his way through the Heathrow airport terminal as he catches a plane to the Spanish capital of Madrid.

On the plan Ned sits in his individual pod in business class and enjoys a three course meal whilst kicking back and watching a film on the two-hour journey.

The agent explains that he regularly makes this journey and reveals what he’ll be doing when he lands, saying: “London to Madrid is a really easy flight, just over two hours, and when I land I’ll be heading straight to the Metropolitano for tonight’s game.”

Ned then records himself leaving the Madrid airport and getting immediately into a car to make his way to Atletico Madrid’s stadium as they host Scottish giants Celtic in the crunch UEFA Champions League clash.

The agent showcases the stunning view that he has of the modern stadium as he enters his private box prior to kick-off with a panoramic 360 degree view of the pitch below.

He says: “The Atleti stadium is seriously impressive, and tonight I’m watching from Alvaro’s private box where he hosts his friends and family.”

The video transitions to the stadium filling up with fans as a light show build’s anticipation before the players make their way out of the tunnel.

Ned explains: “The fans always create a good atmosphere, especially when that Champions League anthem hits.”

Ned then shows the Atleti players celebrating whilst the fans cheer and applaud as he says: “It’s a near perfect night for Atletico as they win 6-0 with two goals for Alvaro.

Alvaro Morata (L) & Ned Ozkasim (R)
Ned with client Alvaro Morata (L). Credits: Instagram.

“The second is a lovely left foot finish into the top corner and with five goals in four games, he’s now the Champions League top scorer.”

The footage shows Ned sitting in the passenger seat of Morata’s car whilst fans run to the windows and ask for autographs and selfies with the in-form Spanish striker.

Ned adds: “There’s plenty of fans waiting for an autograph or a selfie after the game and it’s a great chance to make somebody’s day as we head out of the stadium.”

The agent wanders around Madrid the next day as he awaits the second game of his European double header – Real Madrid vs Braga.

He says: “The next day I take a bit of time to walk around the city and visit some of my favourite places and grab some food.

“Matchday traffic in Madrid can be a bit crazy, so I decided that they best way to the Bernabeu tonight was by scooter.”

He then arrives at the newly renovated Estadio Santiago Bernabeu after rushing past the traffic as he enters the VIP hospitality area.

Ned records the pitch from his view as the Los Blancos fans hold their white scarves aloft anticipating their team arriving on the pitch.

He says: “Seeing as Real Madrid were also at home this week it’s a great chance for me to meet up with some contacts and make some new connections.

“Networking is a huge part of being an agent and an essential skill if you want to be successful.”

Ned shared the video to social media on Tuesday with the caption: “Day in the life of a football agent: Madrid edition.’”

The clip has since received over 290 likes and dozens of comments from users posing questions to the footy agent.

One user wrote: “You’ve got to be buzzing when a player like Alvaro hits form like he has?”

Ned replied: “In incredible form right now.”

Another commented: “What sort of thing did you do to get into this job?”

Ned responds, saying: “I worked in sports marketing before. Helping brands and players with their partnerships and social media.”

Another asked: “Can you make a video giving some tips for aspiring football agents ? Thanks a lot, keep up the good work.”

Ned Ozkasim. Credits: Instagram.

Speaking today Ned said: “For me, I always wanted to be involved in football one way or another.

“I played semi-pro but probably was never good enough to make a living from playing, so I explored other ways from a young age.

“I ended up gaining experience in the marketing side of football, doing some freelance work with brands and eventually taking a full time role with Pro:Direct Soccer.

“From there I made a lot of connections in the game, working closely with players, brands and clubs.

“Eventually I decided to take the opportunity to create my own agency, supporting players and brands with their social media and content.

“I’ve been a football agent for around 5 years now, and have close to 10 years experience of working with players commercially and helping them with their branding and partnerships.”

Ned then offered some tips for those looking to get into the industry: “Being a football agent is hugely about your network.

“Getting information on players, clubs and introductions to decision makers and potential clients is probably the biggest hurdle for aspiring agents.

“My advice would be to find how you can bring value to these key individuals and build out your network if you want to become an agent.

“You need a great network of people to find out how you can bring value to players, coaches and clubs.

“It’s not easy to have the right connections and you also have to be very active and be prepared to start at the bottom – academy football is where most agents begin.

“The day to day agent life can be very demanding but a good agent will be available to his clients pretty much 24/7.

“One of the most important aspects of being an agent is getting to games. I often attend four or five games a week, anything from a under-16 fixture through to a Champions League game.

“Whilst at a game you’re usually watching a player that you represent, or scouting a potential client.

“Games are also great for networking as you can meet coaches, scouts and many other people that work in the industry.

“I’ve been lucky enough to work with a number of players in my career so far, some commercially and some as their main agent on and off the pitch.

“Previously I’ve worked with Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mesut Ozil to name a few.

“I’ve worked with Alvaro since his time at Chelsea, a relationship that has developed over a long time with Alvaro I mainly work on his commercial opportunities.

“Young players are really important as a football agent, and for me they need just as much attention and support, if not more than the senior players.

“It can be tricky depending on the situation of the player and club as with every deal you will develop your own negotiation style.”