Former Labour Spin doctor compares David Cameron return to Gazza returning for 2010 World Cup

A HILARIOUS video shows a former Labour spin doctor comparing ex-Prime Minister David Cameron’s return to Government to Paul Gascoigne returning for the 2010 World Cup.

Alastair Campbell, who served as press secretary under Tony Blair, hosts The Rest is Politics podcast alongside former Conservative Secretary of State for International Development, Rory Stewart.

The pair reacted this week to Rishi Sunak’s shock appointment of David Cameron as Foreign Secretary, and they were hilariously asked by a listener to describe the return “in football terms“.

The episode shows Campbell and Stewart discussing the surprise appointment saying: “Can Rory [and] Alastair explain the Cameron appointment in football terms please?

“Is it like Ronaldo returning to Manchester United or Mourinho returning to Chelsea?”

Campbell takes a moment to weigh up the question before chuckling and replying: “I’d say it’s like Darren Anderton coming back for the next World Cup.”

The answer forces a wry smile and small chuckle from Stewart before the pair have an inadvertent shot at former Spurs hitman Darren Bent.

He says: “I’ll even go Darren Bent, it’s like Darren Bent.”

Stewart interrupts him and says: “Oh come on it’s more than Darren Bent, it’s more like some star player who may be getting a bit old isn’t it?

“Isn’t it like somebody who played in the World Cup but is now getting a bit creaky? Steven Gerrard being brought back?”

This leads proud Scotsman Campbell to reflect before admitting that perhaps Cameron is a bigger name than the footballers previously mentioned.

After taking stock, he replies: “I don’t want to flatter Cameron enough to say it’s like Gazza, but I guess maybe it’s like Gazza coming back in 2010 – it’s that kind of thing.”

The reply forces a smile from Stewart after Campbell’s comparison of a past-it Paul Gascoigne returning to the England line-up in South Africa six years after retirement.

The video was shared to social media on Tuesday with the caption: “Alastair explains today’s events in footballing terms.”

The clip has since received over 1,600 likes and dozens of comments from fans of the show chipping in with their own suggestions.

One user wrote: “David Cameron was never a star.”

Another commented: “Harry Maguire coming back.”

A third replied: “More like a relegation team getting Big Sam.”

A fourth responded: “Poor Darren Bent.”

David Cameron’s return to Government as Foreign Secretary left many puzzled as he was not a serving MP, but it was revealed that he had been given a life peerage by King Charles, thus allowing him to serve in the role.

Cameron made his first official visit as Foreign Secretary today with a trip to meet President Zelensky of Ukraine.