Brit shares “journey from hell” after train ride turns into five-hour trip with blocked tracks, no heating and a random drop-off point

A BRIT had the “journey from hell” after her train ride turned into a whopping five-hour trip complete with blocked tracks and no heating, before being dropped off at a random station.

Angel Adley was travelling to Richmond Station in London on Friday when the train was stopped in its tracks by a tree falling in its way.

The tattoo artist’s journey was then further ruined after her train’s gears broke, the lights turned off and the heating stopped working.

Angel says the passengers were eventually moved onto a second train which dropped them at a “random” platform, before she ultimately reached her destination a staggering four hours late.

Video shows the view from Angel’s window in the train carriage as on-screen text reads: “I started filming this video to show how pretty my train journey to London is.”

However, things quickly start to go wrong as the clip cuts to show the train having stopped near a grove of trees as she reveals: “But a train blocked the track.”

Angel then reveals that the lights in the train turned off – with the seats around her being illuminated only by the grey sky outside.

Angel then reveals the train sat motionless for an hour without developments, as she stares at the camera in annoyance.

The sun soon set, with a blanket of darkness wrapping around the train before Angel face-palms herself as she reveals: “They tried to reverse the train but then the gears broke.”

The saga continues as the video cuts to show that Angel is still waiting whilst a child appears to be climbing on the train poles out of boredom, as Angel explains: “The kid in my carriage started going a bit crazy.”

The clip then cuts to show another train hurtling past as Angel claims two hours have now passed since the train initially got stuck.

The tattoo artist then shares that the heating duly stopped working, before she reveals: “Three hours in – I’m told to walk to the other end of the train where we will hope into a ‘rescue train’.”

Angel shows her walk through the empty carriages, branding it “creepy” as she passes the empty seats, whilst fellow passengers can be heard murmuring to each other as they file through the train doors.

However, the camera then cuts to show Angel chuckling in disbelief as she reveals that the button to to open the door of the second train won’t open, with an error message reading: “Door out of order.”

The clip then cuts to a different train station as Angel and the other passengers disembark onto an unknown platform.

The on-screen text reveals: “We got dumped at a random station in the cold – not London!”

Thankfully, Angel then reveals that she eventually caught a third train that finally took her into London – turning her trip into a gruelling five hour slog.

Angel took to social media on Friday to share the video, writing: “Train journey from hell – I travelled to Richmond from Victoria, so was five hours in total.”

The clip received over 450 likes and dozens of comments from users left in disbelief at the whopping delay Angel endured.

One person wrote: “[There’s] never not something going on with trains in the UK, I swear to God.”

Another said: “Oh my God, this actually sounds like a nightmare.”

A third commented: “This happened to me on that day. I got stuck in Basingstoke for hours.”

A fourth added: “The beginning would make a great start for a horror movie.”