Scots woman left fuming after disabled couple leave angry note warning her to “show them consideration” when parking

A SCOTS woman has been left fuming after a disabled couple left an angry note on her car warning her to “show them consideration” with her parking – despite her also being disabled.

Erica Daykin – who relies on a walking stick for mobility – had left her car, with its blue badge showing, on the side of a public road in Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire on Monday to attend an appointment.

Erica chose to not engage after receiving the letter. (C) Erica Daykin.

However, when she returned Erica found a bizarre note on her windshield, complaining that she should be more “considerate” and park elsewhere, so that the unnamed couple could have the space.

This was despite Erica’s claims that Thomson Street had no designated parking and boasted no cars with blue badges, whilst her own space blocked no driveways or pavements.

Images show Erica’s blue badge on display, visible from her dashboard under the windscreen where the note had been left.

Meanwhile the note that she found, scrawled on a piece of white paper, reads: “08.01.24. Please do not park your car here again, my wife and I are both disabled, show us some consideration. Thanks.”

Erica took to social media on Tuesday to share the odd note, writing: “I had this note left on my car last night whilst at an appointment.

“No big deal in the grand scheme of things. However, it was a public road, not on double yellow lines as there were none, not blocking a driveway, not on a pavement obstructing access.

“There was nobody behind me and one car in front. I am unsure if the person who wrote it to me is in the group to see this, but I too am registered disabled like you and your wife.

“No cars were displaying their blue badge and there is no designated parking for residents. So, while I apologise, I am not psychic and didn’t know that this was going to be an issue.

The note.
The note Erica received. (C) Erica Daykin.

“Maybe we both need to show consideration – after all, nobody knows exact circumstances of people they’ve never met. Pic of my badge included.”

The post received dozens of likes and comments from locals left stunned by the brazen correspondence.

Lynne Jardine wrote: “I wouldn’t even be explaining myself if I was you. The only rude one here is the person that wrote this.

“How presumptive. I’d 100% be parked there again tonight.”

Lee McLean said: “The first thing I’d really like to know is where were you parked exactly?

“Secondly, don’t apologise if you were legally parked. Lastly, some people who are less mobile have a real chip on their shoulder (I’m a wheelchair user by the way).

“I can’t be a***d with people like that. I’d actually go and park in that spot again. Just for fun.”

Lorna Smith commented: “That’s shocking. The man must do this a lot if he has Sellotape in his car to stick the note on with.

Erica's blue badge.
Pictured: Erica’s blue disability badge. (C) Erica Daykin.

“My son has a neighbour who also thinks he’s entitled to the space outside their block of flats.

“He parks his large van in front of the flat, then when he takes it for work, he parks his car in there.

“If he takes the car out then he replaces it with the van. It’s hilarious to watch.”

Frazfraser Fraz added: “Disabled parking spaces apparently aren’t enforceable by law and are only a convenience and you are asked to avoid parking there, not told to.

“The person that wrote that is a Karen or a Victor Meldrew type. I’d actually take great joy in winding them up even more.

“Nothing better to watch than an irate idiot doing their thing and going ape over trivial stuff.

“I’ve a neighbour who goes ape over where her wheelie bin is in the queue of wheelie bins for our block and things like how the mat sits in the upstairs landing.

“I get no end of entertainment free. Just do a wee thing here or there she doesn’t like and sit back, smoke a cigarette and watch the show – hilarious the things folk let get to them.”

Speaking to Erica today she said: “So I had gone to an appointment. No signs about parking.

“I parked two doors away from where I needed to be and basically came out with that note on my car. Apparently, the gentleman does it on a regular basis.

“It annoys me as, to look at me, unless I have my walking stick, you wouldn’t know anything was wrong.”

“It’s not worth [pursuing] it. Plus, I have no idea who he is.”