Brit who sat in audience of The Jeremy Kyle Show claims host is “one of the worst people” he has ever met

A BRIT who attended a screening of an episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show has claimed that the host is “one of the worst people” he has ever met.

Liam Walton claims to have attended one of the live episodes back in 2014 with pals, hoping to have a laugh.

However, Liam, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, claims that Kyle “took out all of his frustrations” on members of staff and ultimately branded the talk show host as a “colossal b***end”.

Video shows DJ Liam addressing the camera as he says: “I went on the Jeremy Kyle Show in 2014 and unsurprisingly, he was one of the worst people I’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting or being anywhere near.”

Liam continues: “We already knew the premise of the show wasn’t very good, however we thought it would be quite funny for us to be in the background of the filming.

“We were part of the audience and how it works is you would get sat down and there’d be a producer who will do a bit of a warm-up and then Jeremy Kyle would come out and he’ll do his thing.

“When I say, ‘Do his thing’ I mean act like a colossal b***end to everybody that he came in contact with.”

Liam claims: “I’ve been working in the entertainment industry for 10 years at this point and I have never met anyone worse than him.

“He just talked so badly to everybody that was doing him a favour, really – working for him.

“He took all of his frustration out on the production managers and the people that were working alongside him on the side of the stage.”

Liam adds: “In this case, I wouldn’t have put the girl at much older than 19 years old. He proceeded to then scream his head off at this girl to get him the envelope.

“She walks over, brings him the envelope but she didn’t even change the look on her face, which makes me think that his crew were really used to it.

“And then, with an audience of people, he then proceeded to say, ‘She’s a bit slower doing that now. Since the breakup, she’s put on a bit of weight.’

Many were left stunned by the alleged experience. (C) @lwalto/TikTok.

Liam says with a shocked face: “He said that in front of a f**k-load of people.

“I honestly think that the reason he had those two big bouncers behind him, for the majority of time, was to stop people from the audience getting on-stage and banging him out.”

Liam concludes with his claim: “All in all, terrible dude – one of the worst people I’ve ever had the misfortune of being around.

“I would love to hear about other people who were in the audience for Jeremy Kyle. Did anybody ever actually catch him on a good day or is he just a terrible guy?”

Liam took to social media yesterday to share the alleged experience, writing: “My experience with the Jeremy Kyle Show”.

His clip received over 6,300 likes and more than 660 comments from users left divided by Jeremy Kyle and his show.

One person wrote: “My guilty pleasure watching a bit of Jezza. Anyone who went on it was asking for it.”

Another said: “I wish they would bring that show back, made me feel so much better about myself but I liked the drama as well, just reminded me of Eastenders.”

A third commented: “I was in the audience too. He told me I smoked grass and asked me if this is the earliest I’d ever woken up.”

A fourth added: “I went in the audience too – he said some vile things.”

A fifth wrote: “I was on in 2012 and he was lovely towards me. However, the production team rile you up in the pod and people look rough because your locked in a room for hours.”

The Jeremy Kyle Show was a daytime television show hosted by Jeremy Kyle that ran between 2005 and 2019.

Guests would appear on the show with familial or relationship problems, which Kyle would attempt to resolve through unique and often, dramatic methods.

However, the show was axed in 2019 after the death of former guest Steve Dymond – who had appeared on an unaired episode of the show a week earlier – due to a morphine overdose.

Dymond had taken part in the show’s polygraph test, which determined that he was unfaithful to his partner, despite his denial.

A coroner’s ruling published in November 2020 stated that “acts or omissions” by Kyle “may have caused or contributed to” Dymond’s death.