Footy fans left divided by video showing Liverpool supporter “bullying tourist” wearing a half and half scarf

FOOTBALL fans have been left divided after a video emerged of a Liverpool supporter “bullying a tourist” who was wearing a half and half scarf.

The unidentified fan was caught on camera at The Park Pub outside Liverpool’s Anfield stadium on New Year’s Day ahead of the match against Newcastle United.

Accompanied by a crowd of other Liverpool fans, one bearded supporter leads a chant of “If you’re wearing half and half, you’re a t**t”, supposedly directed at nearby punters who had purchased half and half scarves for the day.

However, fans on social media have been left divided by the jeering, with one branding the chanting man a “monumental helmet”.

Video shows the bearded man, wearing a retro Liverpool replica shirt, standing in front of two other fans on a stage in the pub repeating the words: “If you’re wearing half and half, you’re a t**t.”

The loudmouthed punter points in the direction of an anonymous fan, who is blocked from full view by the mass of other Liverpool supporters chanting along.

The bearded bloke then finishes up the first rendition before moving on to another tune – whilst gesturing upwards – singing: “You can stick your half and half up your a**e.”

The rest of the pub carry on the song alongside him, with several fans chuckling at the jeers aimed at the unidentified “tourist”.

Fans have been left divided by the video with a number of people taking to social media to mock the bearded man and condemn the singing.

Others, however, have supported the rhetoric, suggesting that half and half scarves should only be memorabilia and never actually worn.

The original video was posted on Wednesday with the caption: “The Park Pub #liverpoolfc.”

It has since received over 9.000 likes and 400 comments from users divided by the actions of the men in the video.

One user reshared the video with the caption: “Fully grown man drinking a fruit cider and wearing a snide retro shirt, bullying a tourist. What a monumental helmet.”

Another said: “Only valid reason for a half and half is memorabilia. If you wear a half and half you’re a p**f.”

A third added: “Liverpool fans have bought more half and half than any other club.”

Another user commented: “Who does the 50-year-old in a replica shirt think he is.”

The man who recorded the footage however, claimed: “Right lads stop giving it large ones. It’s only a song, was no harm done. The lads wearing half and half joined in and sang along.”