Brits left horrified after Heinz tease introduction of “clear” ketchup

BRITS have been left horrified after Heinz teased the introduction of clear ketchup to their list of condiments.

The global food company posed the question of bringing clear ketchup to a store near you last week but received backlash from fans left unconvinced by the colourless condiment.

Despite protests from sauce-lovers, Heinz appear to be keeping up the charade, with further videos positing the production of the transparent seasoning leaving fans divided by its legitimacy.

Hilarious footage shows an unknown person walking along an autumn road with yellowing leaves scattered along the ground, as the camera focuses on a Heinz ketchup bottle in their hand.

The bottle has the familiar label on the front, but instead reads: “Heinz 1869. Tomato ketchup, clear.”

The red tomato that buyers typically see on their tomato ketchup bottles is now colourless.

The contents of the bottle are, instead of the recognisable deep red colour, a translucent liquid that appears sticky and gel-like.

Dramatic music plays in the background as the camera cuts to the hand of the unknown person picking up the bottle from a shop aisle.

A black screen then appears as on-screen text jokes: “There’s no way.”

The camera then cuts to the person squeezing the condiment out from the lid as it congeals at the top before further text goads: “Surely not.”

The camera then cuts to the person twisting the clear bottle in their hand, with the music continuing to swell as text reads: “Should we?”

A devil emoji then appears next to the text, implying that the company are likely jesting.

Heinz took to social media on Friday to share the ominous clip, writing: “Tell us to make clear ketchup happen. We dare you.”

The post received over 460,000 likes and more than 9,000 comments from users left disgusted by the suggestion.

One person wrote: “Is that lube or actual ketchup please?”

Another joked: “Heinz lube is wild.”

Clear Tomato Ketchup.
Pictured: The clear sauce. Credit to @heinzuk. From a trusted news source.

A third commented: “I’m still not recovered from the first purple ketchup.”

Another added: “People thought we’d have flying cars by now but no. We have clear ketchup.”

A fifth wrote: “No, looks like wallpaper paste.”

This isn’t the first time Heinz has dabbled in non-traditional ketchup colours, with the brand releasing a new line of EZ Squirt Ketchup in the year 2000.

The new line – aimed at a younger target audience – featured ketchup in a variety of colours including purple, green, orange, teal and pink.

Despite initial success, with the brand reporting that they sold the same number of bottles in three months that they had expected to sell over the entire year, popularity waned, and the line was discontinued in 2006.