Brutal moment lad is smacked full-pelt in face by football via pal’s misplaced kick

THIS is the brutal moment a lad receives a football to the face after his pal misplaced a power shot directed at his bum.

The group of pals appear to be playing a round of “red a**e” – which typically follows the traditional game of headers and volleys – with one of the lads standing in goal with his bare bum exposed.

Red a**e involves the losing player bending over in the middle of the goal as other players take turns to try and hit his bum with the ball.

However, the light-hearted game takes a cringe-inducing turn in this round as the poor bloke on the receiving end is dealt a thunderbolt to the face instead.

The footage shows a man wearing a white shirt bent over in goals, trousers around his ankles, as his friend winds up a kick aimed at his bum.

The lad in the hot seat nervously looks back as the power shot is prepared, covering one of his exposed cheeks with his hand in preparation.

The man filming can be heard saying “Tommy let him have it” seconds before the ball is struck.

A powerful strike and an off target aim sees the ball slam into the man’s face instead of his bum.

The lad clutches his face and falls to the ground in pain and the man filming can be heard gasping in shock.

Silence ensues as everyone wonders whether the immobile lad on the floor is seriously injured.

Unbelievably one of the group – seemingly with a sadistic streak – boots the ball again, which strikes the already-downed lad, rubbing salt in his wounds.

The man recording can then be heard exclaiming: “Oh my God, that was a bit hard.”

The viral clip was posted to social media yesterday with the caption: “That cannot tickle.”

It has since received over 21,000 likes and more than 500 comments from users left tickled by the unfortunate lad’s bad luck.

One user joked: “Reason 7,656,478 why women live longer than men?”

Another added: “First rule of slaps, don’t get your head in the way.”

A third said: “Second one’s barmy.”

Another quipped: “That was personal”