Brit mum looking for Elf on the Shelf inspiration forced to use cheeky substitute for balloon

A BRIT mum racking her brains for ideas over what to do with her next Elf on the Shelf prank was forced to use a cheeky substitute for a balloon.

Charlie Davidson had planned to hide their family’s elf inside a balloon for daughter Lilliana, 3, to find when she discovered that she couldn’t actually fit the doll inside.

Charlie Davidson with daughter Lilliana.
Charlie Davidson, 29, with daughter Lilliana, 3. (C) Charlie Davidson.

The 29-year-old began raking her house for an idea when she suddenly came across and unlikely substitute – a condom.

The mum from Shropshire, West Midlands managed to wash and dry the condom before hilariously popping the elf inside and leaving it hanging for Lilliana to find the next morning.

A hilarious image shows a large translucent condom in the shape of a round balloon, hanging from the top of a door frame.

Inside lies the family’s elf, Twinkletoes, who grins out from his makeshift prison, clad in a red and white striped getup alongside a small pile of sequins.

The condom hangs from the frame via a red ribbon tied to the end, at the top of which is stuck a note that reads: “Pop for a sequin shower.”

The paper is then signed: “Twinkletoes.”

The elf in the balloon.
Many were left in stitches at the idea, while others made jokes. (C) Charlie Davidson.

Charlie took to social media on Monday, to share the hilarious idea, writing: “Thought I’d share my innovative Elf on the Shelf idea. Couldn’t find a balloon so I had to improvise.”

The post received over 1,700 likes and more than 490 comments from fellow parents left in stitches.

One person wrote: “I thought the note said pop for a semen shower. That’s my note to go to bed.”

Another said: “I’m doing elves for my pre-teen because she thinks it’s hilarious. This is gold. I love it.”

A third commented: “Best bit is when your children are older, they are going to look back on old family Christmas pictures and will be cringing for days.”

Another joked: “Well, he’s being safe.”

A close-up of the makeshift balloon.
Pictured: A close-up of the makeshift balloon. (C) Charley Davidson.

A fifth wrote: “This should be an advert as a response to ‘They don’t fit’.”

Speaking to Charlie today, she said: “It was on Monday, I tried to get him into a balloon, but I just couldn’t.

“I was getting ready for bed and went into my underwear drawer and came across them. I did think twice but then I thought yeah this will be fab.

“Luckily, [Lilliana’s] not old enough to understand. I washed it and dried it with kitchen roll, so it wasn’t slippery.

“I had to partially blow it up, then try and keep it blown up whilst I popped the elf in. It wasn’t easy but much easier than the balloon.

“Then, [I] tried to put the sequins in without popping the condom. I blew it up some more and tied it up and added some sequins to make it more fun.”

Charlie added that she shared the hilarious moment with her partner who is currently in hospital.

She said: “I FaceTimed him and he was crying with laughter. His words were, ‘Only you, Charlie.’ It definitely cheered him up and I gave myself a giggle too.”