Can YOU spot the dog? Scots dog owner poses “harder than Where’s Wally” challenge to find his black Labrador

A SCOTS dog owner has posed a “harder than Where’s Wally” challenge to find his black Labrador in a photograph of his pooch camouflaged in the woods.

Stuart Mackie was out on an autumn walk with his dog Kasie in Muiravonside Country Park, Falkirk when the cheeky Lab decided to play hide and seek.

The hidden dog.
Pictured: Kelsie the Third hidden. (C) Stuart Mackie

After finally spotting his pooch, company director Stuart spotted an opportunity to give others a head-scratcher, snapping a picture of five-year-old Kasie in her hiding spot.

Stuart, from Slamannan, Falkirk, posted the photograph to social media page shortly afterwards to challenge users to find his pooch, with some comparing the pic to the famous Where’s Wally books.

The image shows a sloping hill in the muddy park laden with thick trees, covered in moss and winding leaves.

The ground looks to be a carpet of auburn, yellow and brown leaves which have fallen as the autumn season comes to an end.

Broken branches and roots of dark trees can be seen sprouting from the ground as a mossy bank careens its way up the hill, framed by a blue sky in the background.

Kasie in full view.
Many claimed this challenge to be the hardest one yet. (C) Stuart Mackie.

Kasie can be found somewhere in the image, disguised by her natural surroundings.

Taking to social media on Monday, Stuart posed the challenge to other dog owners, simply declaring: “Spot the dog”.

The snap received dozens of likes and comments from many stumped users who praised the difficulty of the challenge.

One person wrote: “That was harder than Where’s Wally. Honesty took me a minute.”

Another said: “I see she passed her camouflage and concealment module. I did eventually spot her, by the way, but would’ve been long after she spotted me.”

The dog found amongst the leaves.
Did you find her? (C) Stuart Mackie.

A third commented: “Escape and evasion training went very well.”

Another added: “Impossible!”

A fifth wrote: “Took a while but saw her in the end.”

Speaking to Stuart today he said: “She does this all the time. She shouts if I walk past, to give me a clue to [where] she is hiding.

“This usually happens when we are nearing the end of the walk [and] she does not want to go home.

“She loves to swim and hide and play. I spend a lot of time with my dog.

“On [social media], I have seen a lot of people doing a spot the dog, so that’s how it came about. My wife spotted her within minutes.

“She also takes pictures like this when she takes her for a walk.”