Drone technology to address UK’s farm labour shortage

IN the wake of a growing farm labour shortage in the UK, drone technology designed to offer a helping hand to the nation’s farmers is set to be rolled out across the sector.

Hungary-based agriculture technology pioneer, ABZ Innovation, is set to introduce its state-of-the-art agricultural drones into the UK market.

This follows a change in rules around crop spraying, allowing drones to now be used.

ABZ’s agricultural drones were developed and tested in partnership with the University of Gyor, Hungary.

ABZ Innovation drone.
The agricultural drones were developed by the Hungary-based ABZ Innovation, in partnership with the University of Gyor, Hungary

A spokesperson from the University of Gyor said: “Our collaboration with ABZ Innovation on developing the agricultural drones has yielded results that truly revolutionise the way we approach farming.

“We’ve rigorously tested these drones and are impressed with their precision and efficiency.

“Our research shows a substantial increase in spray coverage while significantly reducing the use of resources.

“This technology is not just about addressing labour shortages; it’s about driving UK agriculture towards a more sustainable and technologically advanced future.”

It is hoped that the use of the technology will reduce the workload for farmers with the drones’ ability to easily reach areas that were previously inaccessible or difficult to spray.

ABZ says that its drone technology enables UK farmers to use up to 50% less chemicals and 95% less water in crop production.

Karoly Ludvigh, ABZ’s Chief Executive, said: “With the UK agricultural sector facing significant challenges, our drone technology offers a practical solution, enhancing efficiency while adhering to the highest environmental standards.

“Global political tensions, supply issues, weather and food shortages no longer make traditional methods practical.

“Our advanced CDA spraying system, coupled with highly optimised airflow from the propellers, set our drones apart.

“Not only do we offer exceptional efficiency, but our enhanced power train extends the life of our drones’ batteries, ensuring the lowest possible operating costs.

“Our drones are capable of navigating on a centimetre level accuracy, providing an unmatched precision in plant protection.

“We are on the cusp of roll out in the UK and are eager to bring our solutions to the next generation of farmers.”

Drone technology is already widespread across Europe with farmers and growers in Poland, Portugal, Greece, Slovakia, Finland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Estonia and Northern Macedonia using ABZ Innovation’s drones.

More recently, ABZ’s technology has expanded into Africa with farmers in Ghana adopting the company’s drones.

ABZ Innovation aims to challenge the Chinese hegemony in agricultural drone technology as the use of its drones grows rapidly across the globe.

The company says it is committed to providing support tailored to the specific needs of farmers and landowners.

This includes readily available spare parts, technical assistance and spare drones.

Ludvigh added: “We understand that farmers need more than just tools – they need comprehensive solutions that not just make their lives easier but can positively impact on their bottom line.

“Our goal is to help them every step of the way, ensuring that they have the resources and support necessary to reap the full benefit of our drone technology.”