Dutch man spots tiny adorable “elves” houses whilst working on remote Scots island

A DUTCH man has shared snaps of the adorable “elves” houses he spotted whilst working on a remote Scottish island.

Kasper Klausen was building the Viking Wind Farm in Shetland last month when he spotted a bizarre row of tiny houses hidden beneath a rock.

Kasper Klausen.
Kasper shared the photos on social media where many expressed their thoughts on the post. (C) Kasper Klausen.

Perplexed, the 40-year-old investigated further, eventually spotting an entire village worth of houses and buildings dotted around the area.

Technician Kasper shared the snaps with Scots who have been left pondering whether the houses do in fact belong to the likes of elves, leprechauns or even the famous Lewis chessmen themselves.

Images show a trio of mossy rocks stranded in the middle of a rushing river, each of which boasts a miniature building.

The rock on the far left of the picture plays host to a replica of a traditional Hebridean white house, covered by a grassy slate roof and simple square windows beside a red door.

To the right, is another bothy-like cottage which looks like its neighbouring home, with the exception of its thatched grey roof and a yellow door.

In the centre of the photo is a small rock which holds a lone white lighthouse, whose large black beacon is encircled with a gold ring.

Rocks with houses and a lighthouse.
Pictured: The three banks with houses and a lighthouse perched on them. (C) Kasper Klausen.

A further image shows a close-up of three tiny red, grassy-roofed houses built below a large rock which itself is dotted with pink wildflowers.

To the right of the houses is a wooden outhouse, complete with a circular window and red chimney.

Kasper took to social media last week to share the well-hidden houses, writing: “Seen on a very small island on Shetland.”

The post received over 9,600 likes and more than 260 comments from users making their own suggestions on the story of the tiny homes.

Staci Rogers wrote: “That’s where the fae live.”

Robin Simpson said: “Where are all the little people?”

Three tiny houses and a tiny outhouse.
Kasper also spotted a sign which advised that while people were allowed on the island, sheep were not. (C) Kasper Klausen.

John Wilson joked: “That’s where I would live if I was small enough – cut off and isolated away from people.”

Ayesha Khalid added: “Did you see any goblins or leprechauns around there as well? They are cute.”

David DS wrote: “That now has us wondering whether the Lewis chessmen were real and subsequently disturbed whilst holding a meeting.”

Elle Wateridge wrote said: “Did you leave the elves a gift?”

Speaking to Kasper today, he said: “I had been up there as a high voltage technician, to build the new Viking Windpark up there.

“Normally I go to all the tops [places], but that day it was not where I wanted to be, so it was pure luck I came by there.

“It brings a smile to your face when you see these things. It was something I enjoyed it a lot.

“I’ve been to Shetland for my company, but in my spare time I do a lot of hiking and camping, so Shetland is the perfect place for me to have some days off.

“I came by them on a really stormy Sunday [with] 30mph wind or so.”