Family launch £110k fundraiser plea after cancer-fighting dad was hospitalised in Dubai – where ICU costs eye-watering £4k per night

A FAMILY has launched a £110,000 fundraiser plea after their cancer-fighting dad was hospitalised in Dubai – where each night in the ICU ward costs an eye-watering £4,000.

Abbas Bandali was in the United Arab Emirates last month when he was rushed to Al Zahra Hospital in the country’s capital after his health took a turn for the worst.

Pictured: Abbas Bandali with wife Tanveer. (C) Facebook.

The Londoner was admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit, but the family have since said that they are struggling to afford his admission – with each night in the ward easily breaking four figures.

Abbas’ wife Tanveer took to GoFundMe on Wednesday in the hope of raising the money to fund her husband’s hospital stay and ultimately bring him back home.

Tanveer wrote in the description: “As many of you may have heard, Abbas Bandali (loving husband, father, son, brother, friend, and co-owner of The Hubb) has been fearlessly fighting against cancer for the past few years.

“On a recent trip to the Unity Games in Dubai, his health took a turn, and he is now in the ICU at Al Zahra Hospital, fighting for his life.

“As a cancer patient, travel insurance is not an option and, as we quickly found out, one night in the ICU costs [around] £4,000. We want to bring him home as soon as he is healthy enough to travel again.

The fundraiser.
Pictured: The fundraiser. (C) GoFundMe.

“Many of you have asked how you can help in these troubling times for our family. We deeply appreciate your du’as [Islamic prayer] and moral support.

“If you additionally want to contribute towards us getting the best possible medical help while we are here in Dubai, please click on the link.

“We will do everything we can to get him healthy again and bring him back home. Thank you for thinking of us in these testing times.”

Many were quick to share their support for the family.

Mahmood Thobani wrote: “Prayers for your speedy recovery.”

Alykhan Jamal said: “Praying for your speedy recovery and return home, Ndugu [relative or kinsman].”

Kausher Chatoo commented: “Our prayers are with Abbas. May Allah give him shiffaa [healing].”

The fundraiser has received an incredible amount of support within just 48 hours of being set up, having reached £64,057 at the time of writing.

If you wish to donate to aid the plea, please visit: