Incredible moment Irish fiddler strikes up tune for live performance onboard Ryanair flight to Lanzarote

THIS is the incredible moment an Irish fiddler struck up a tune for a live performance in the middle of a Ryanair flight to Lanzarote.

Sean Magee decided to liven up the journey from Belfast to the Spanish holiday hotspot on Friday with a performance of a classic Irish tune.

Accompanied by vocals from fellow passengers, the fiddle champion soon had other holiday-goers up on their feet, with one even bursting into a performance of Irish dance in the aisle of the plane.

Video filmed by a passenger in front of Sean, known only as Danny, shows the musician with his fiddle out, mid-performance.

Other passengers can be heard hooting and cheering as they clap along in time with Sean’s tune, before he turns to his amazed onlookers and shouts: “Have we anybody from Donegal?”

Cheers can be heard from behind him as he then begins to play the intro to Las Vegas (In the Hills of Donegal) by Irish band Goats Don’t Shave.

The camera then pans over to show passengers grinning as Sean is joined in song by singers Matthew Crampsey and Nathan Carter alongside him.

The clip then cuts to the chorus, when it appears that the passengers have all joined in, singing in-sync as Sean plays the melody on his fiddle.

One man can be heard shouting, “Up Donegal.”

However, the fiddler champion then turns to the crowd as someone shouts: “Have we any Irish dancers on the plane?”

Astonishingly, one woman stands up and breaks into an Irish dance, to the whoops and cheers of her fellow holidaymakers.

She holds the chairs on each side of her before launching a series of high kicks, with more cheers and hoots from the clapping crowd audible as Sean rounds off his incredible performance.

The footage was posted on social media on Friday with the caption: “What a treat for the Belfast flight to Lanzarote.

“Thanks to Danny for sending this video of a Ryanair flight from Belfast to Lanzarote with live entertainment from Sean Magee, Nathan Carter [and] Matthew Crampsey.

The moment Sean began to play onboard.
Pictured: The incredible moment Sean began to play. (C)

The clip received over 84,100 likes, and more than 1,200 comments from users left stunned by the impromptu jig.

One person wrote: “And this is just one of the reasons why I love the Irish”.

Another said: “As a Scot who loves Lanzarote, this made my heart sing. Such a positive vibe.”

A third commented: “Oh my. I’d pay big money to be on this flight. Up Donegal.”

A fourth commented: “Us Irish know how to entertain a flight. Hearing Irish music being played like this melts my heart.”

Ryanair has been approached for comment.