Hilarious video shows moment older woman kicks off at footy match as she offers rival fans to “come outside” for scrap

A HILARIOUS video shows the moment an older woman kicks off at the Sunderland vs Newcastle United match as she offers rival fans to “come outside” for a scrap.

The unidentified Sunderland supporter was caught on camera by a Newcastle fan in the away end at the Stadium of Light on Saturday looking seriously ticked-off.

The woman can be seen launching into an expletive-filled rant aimed at her opposition fans and was caught seemingly throwing a slew of threats and insults their way.

The video, captured by the unnamed Newcastle fan, sees the camera zoom in on the woman who is based at the edge of the divide between the sets of fans – manned by onlooking stewards.

The Newcastle fans can be heard singing in celebration as the game ended in a 3-0 win for their side, whilst scores of Sunderland supporters head for the exits.

However, the woman remains alongside a younger lad, and stares angrily at her opposition fans, seemingly thoroughly unimpressed by their chanting.

Wearing a black jacket and a grey hat bearing the Norway flag, the woman sizes up her rivals before gesturing towards a member of the crowd and then towards the exit doors.

She can be seen seemingly mouthing the words: “You, outside. Come on.”

The woman, enraged at this point, appears to bellow the words: “I’ll f***ing kill you, stupid f***ing c**t.”

The woman then draws her thumb across her neck in a gesture seemingly meant as a threat, whilst two young lands behind her also appear to want in on the action.

One, dressed in a black coat and a New York Yankees cap, mirrors the woman’s threats, shouting and pointing at the Newcastle fans.

Meanwhile, the other young lad, clad in a grey hoodie, seems more relaxed, initially making gestures at the opposite side’s fans before seemingly laughing at the accompanying woman’s absurd claims.

The bespectacled woman, red-faced at this point, continues her tirade as she appears to shout: “

She can be seen shouting what appear to be the words, “I’ll f****ng kill you” before again pointing at a member of the crowd and gesturing to the exit saying: “Outside then.”

The woman then seems to launch an uncalled-for insult at her rival fan, screaming: “Outside then, get outside then, you f***ing p**f.”

A steward who turns to see her actions appears unbothered by the woman’s aggressive rant, simply turning away from her to talk to his colleague.

The hilarious footage was posted to social media on Saturday (JAN 6) shortly after the match with the caption: “Yer nan kicks off at the footy…”

The video gained over 3,500 likes and 300 comments from footy fans left howling at the woman’s fury.

One user quipped: “Grandma wanted all the smoke.”

Another claimed: “Deary me. Homophobic too. Family must be so proud. Munching on frozen pizza and Pot Noodle.”

A third said: “I’ve never seen such a clear lip read in my life, belter.”

Another joked: “To be fair she’s from Sunderland so she’s only 25 and won’t be a nan for another couple of years.”

Saturday’s (JAN 6) match saw Newcastle United come away with a 3-0 win in the latest outing of the Tyne-Wear derby thanks to two goals from forward Alexander Isak and an own goal by Daniel Ballard.