Brit left stunned after housemate receives parking fine in post – from Germany

A BRIT has been left baffled after receiving a parking fine for their housemate in the post – all the way from Germany.

The fine, which arrived last week, left the unnamed housemate confused as they took to social media to try and understand how this has happened.

The person shared the image of the parking fine from company Parken and Management informing the flatmate that they had been issued the fine on 28 August 2023.

However, this left the poster wondering how this could be as their pal hadn’t visited Germany in over 20 years.

The pair claim they have never driven a range rover.

The letter also contains an image of the offending Range Rover, boasting German plates, which has been captured on camera leaving the parking zone.

The plates in the image are identified as being from Ludwigsburg but the fine was issued in Monchengladbach over 240 miles away.

The information provided by the private company also assures the driver that “parking signs are clearly displayed in the area”.

Alongside the information they have provided their bank account details and are looking for a measly payment of £18 for the misdemeanour.

This has left the flatmate wondering whether their housemate is being scammed as they cannot link the car to their friend.

Taking to social media to ask for advice they posted a picture of the letter last week with the caption: “Can anyone explain how this German parking fine ended up at our UK address?

“Housemate received this letter through this post, demanding payment of a fine for parking in Monchengladbach (which I’d never heard of outside of football) in a Range Rover last August.

“The parking company appears to be legit. Well, as legit as any parking company.

“The problems are: Housemate has not been to Germany since 2001.

“Housemate has a current UK driving licence but doesn’t currently own a car.

“Has never owned or hired or driven a German-plated Range Rover. Or any Range Rover. Or any German-plated car.

“How on earth has this German parking company linked this plate to our address? Presumably through their driving licence? Is there some data theft going on here and how would it work?

“Is there an obvious scam that we haven’t clocked? While the intention is to ignore the parking fine, we just can’t understand what’s going on here?”

Social media users pondered the scenario having been left just as confused by the bizarre letter but were quick to offer advice.

The post received over 180 likes with more than 90 comments in just a few hours as people tried to understand how the parking faux pas could happen.

One user said: “I had two speeding fines from France in 2021. A bargain €35 each.”

Another added: “Just call them and tell them. They’ve been given the wrong details. That’s all you know. Anything else is just a series of rash assumptions.”

A third said: “License plate clone? I had this problem, a couple of years (although within the UK but at different ends of the country)”

And a fourth added: “Any money spent on this is wasted. Use the recorded delivery postage to EU to buy a pint instead.”