Former world champion boxer Paul Smith slams state of Liverpool streets

FORMER world champion boxer Paul Smith has slammed the state of the streets in Liverpool after filming a grim video shows discarded needles and rubbish littered around a car park.

Smith recently became embroiled in an online spat with members of the public after they disagreed with Smith’s claims that the city centre was filled with human excrement and drug users.

The former WBA International Super-Middleweight champion filmed a walkthrough of just one area of his home city yesterday from where he parks his car in the morning to demonstrate his point.

Shocking footage shows bottles, needles and discarded clothes strewn all over the paved concourse next to the car park where the 41-year-old begins to walk.

Smith leaves his car and begins to walk through a street towards the city centre of Liverpool, showing the area looking run-down and overgrown with weeds.

As the retired pro continues his stroll, he comes across what appears to be human excrement before stumbling upon a glove laid out next to a discarded needle.

An entire wardrobe of clothes can be seen strewn across the vast paved area with bottles and crisp packets also discarded around.

The walk continues down a flight of stairs and sees Smith pass a variety of other items before he arrives at a gate that appears to have human excrement on the path alongside a McDonald’s cup and a single shoe.

Smith finishes his video as he gets to the end of the lane and enters Dale Street in Liverpool city centre.

Paul Smith filmed the scene on his walk which included the discarded needle next to the glove. Credit: X/Paul Smith

He shared the video online yesterday, writing: “Here you go, I’ve just filmed this now. The wall from my parked car to Dale Street, city centre of Liverpool.

“Does this look like anyone from the council has walked through? Do those ‘humans’ you care about treat it with respect?”

The video quickly received hundreds of likes with fans of the boxer quick to comment on the shocking scenes captured in the video.

One said: “It’s grim round there, I used to live about two mins from there, grown men taking a s**t in the middle of the day or doing all sorts of drugs.”

Another added: “Only telling someone how bad it is round there the other day, parked my car in Morfields and walked past with someone not from Liverpool – felt ashamed.”

A third replied: “Town is an absolute disgrace at the moment, absolutely filthy everywhere. You won’t get a response off anyone though. I didn’t.”

Paul Smith retired from boxing in 2017 and currently enjoys spinning the decks as a resident DJ at Society nightclub.

The boxer also co-wrote Liverpool-based group Ultrabeat’s 2004 tune Better than Life, which reached number 23 on the UK Chart.