Indian restaurant release hilarious parody of Titanic’s stars complete with performance of classic ballad

AN INDIAN restaurant has released a hilarious parody of Titanic characters Jack and Rose complete with their own twist on Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On.

Urban Tandoor in Bristol produced their own take on the famous love story between the pair but reworked the film’s soundtrack with Indian food-themed puns.

The hilarious clip features two of the restaurant’s staff recreating famous poses and moments from James Cameron’s 1997 epic, which has been branded a “genius” marketing technique.

The footage begins with the two men on a boat as the famous wind flutes begin to play at the beginning of My Heart Will Go On.

The pair are dressed in costume, with one sporting a red wig and wearing a white dress to portray Rose, originally played by Kate Winslet.

However, the two men have created their own lyrics as an ode to their beloved restaurant Urban Tandoor and begin belting them out with pride.

The pair begin to sing gently: “Every night in my dreams I taste you, I eat you, that is how I know I’ll go on.”

The cheeky pair then head below deck and begin to play out the relationship between their Rose and Jack.

Dragging Jack into the cabin, the Rose portrayer sings: “Far across in Bristol, the spices between us, you have come to show you love poppadoms.”

The pair then come out of the cabin moments later leaving the rest to the imagination before resuming their singsong on top deck.

The duo begins to describe what feast awaits at Urban Tandoor, singing: “Beer, phaal and a big bowl of naan, I believe that this night will go on.”

The pair lean over the table at the restaurant
The two men parodied Titanic and reworked the lyrics from My Heart Will Go On. Credit: TikTok/UrbanTandoor

The crescendo of the song occurs as the two are transported from the boat to a table for two at Urban Tandoor.

As the men look across at one another, they sing: “Once more, it’s Urban Tandoor and we’re here in the restaurant where my naan will go on and on.”

The video was shared online earlier this month by Urban Tandoor Bristol writing: “I’ll never let go…of the naan.”

The hilarious parody received more than 23,000 likes and hundreds of comments from fans of both Titanic and the restaurant.

One said: “I want to move to Bristol just because of this.”

Another added: “This marketing is genius.”

A third replied: “Brilliant boys, you connect so well cheers, have to try your food now.”

Another responded: “This is a masterpiece, a work of art, the pinnacle of cinema 2023 – just chef’s kiss.”

A fifth commented: “I don’t think anyone has put Bristol on the map this much since Banksy.”

Urban Tandoor currently boasts a four-and-a-half star rating on Tripadvisor with over 2,000 reviews.