Grieving mum shares warning with fellow parents over bed sharing with infants one year on from baby son’s tragic death

A GRIEVING mum has shared a warning for fellow parents over bed sharing with their children one year on from her baby son’s tragic death.

The TikToker, known only as Claire, lost her three-month-old son Stone last year after he became trapped between her bed and wall – an occurrence known as entrapment.

Claire’s video marks almost a year since her son passed away and comes with her warning in response to claims from a fellow parent that she was “fear mongering”.

The video begins with footage of her son beneath a blanket as her on-screen message reads, in reference to rebuttals from other parents: “‘All my kids slept in my bed; it’s safe, stop fear mongering’”.

It then pictures Stone in a Halloween pumpkin costume with Claire’s explanation: “He was my fourth baby, I loved sleeping with all my kids before I lost him”.

A close-up compilation of her son follows with haunting vocals from Mac DeMarco’s Chamber of Reflection.

On-screen text reads: “Entrapment was something I never imagined in our wildest dreams. We were supposed to go [and] see family the next day.

“But instead, I yanked your leg up in a panic thinking it just happened, but I was wrong.

“I picked you up and fluid gushed from your nose and our world turned upside down.

“We tried CPR until the paramedics came – I ran outside waving them down, they turned the wrong way – 11 minutes it took.

“They shoved a tube down your throat, and we rushed off to the ER they tried for one hour as I held your foot swearing and crying.”

She continues: “Then I held you for five hours waiting for you to be picked up for an autopsy.

Stone was only three months old when he died due to entrapment.

“I had to beg to be able to pass you to them since it’s ‘strictly work, they don’t like to see the family’.

“I’ve never felt like such a failure in my life [until] I lost you from such an easy mistake you never think will happen to your family.

“Now I live in my camera roll, replaying all our moments thinking we’d have a million more.”

The clip finishes with the warning words: “3,500 infant deaths a year are from a bedsharing related accident – my son was one of them.”

Claire posted the video to social media with the caption: “Sharing his story is important to me, I don’t want him to die in vain. My grief has nowhere to go.

“I keep replaying every event following his passing especially now that we are nearing it being nearly a year since he’s left. I feel stuck in that day and the days that followed. I miss him.”

The video has since received over 897,000 likes and more than 6,000 comments from users who poured their hearts out in support for Claire’s devastating story.

One user commented: “I would literally give an organ for you to have Stone back. I know that means nothing really as a stranger on the internet. But know we ache for you.”

Another said: “I will start putting my baby in his crib again starting tonight. Thank you for bringing awareness to this. Praying for you and yours.”

A third added: “You’ve saved so many babies by sharing your story. You’re a mum who loves her baby and you’re sharing your experience. You’ve done nothing wrong.”

A fourth wrote: “Thank you for sharing your story. I work in autopsy – I will never bed share.”