Hilarious moment allegedly “drunk” fox hunter falls from horse after blowing horn too hard

A HILARIOUS video shows the moment an allegedly “drunk” fox hunter falls from his horse after blowing a horn too hard.

The anonymous bloke was caught on camera as he set out with his fellow huntsmen, sounding a horn to signal their departure.

However, the rider appears to have possibly blown a bit too hard, as he seemingly faints for a moment and takes a tumble to the ground.

Video shows the huntsman atop his horse as he trots down a dirt road from a farmyard, lined on either side with onlookers.

Dressed in the familiar get-up of a red jacket, beige breeches and a black riding helmet, the man leads a line of several dogs and other riders.

He holds a hunting horn to his lips and blows into it to signal the beginning of the hunt’s outing as they leave.

However, the horn’s initially strong notes noticeable wobble and weaken and the man’s efforts end in a rather pathetic squeak as he lowers the horn to his side.

Passing the unidentified person behind the camera, the man appears lightheaded and spaced-out as he begins to lean to his left.

Onlookers can be heard gasping in shock as the man then seems to briefly faint, leaning so far over to the left that he topples onto the hard ground below him.

Landing with a thud, the man retains one hand on the reins and spins around in a clumsy effort to get back to his feet, inadvertently dragging on the horse’s head.

The huntsman eventually stumbles to his feet in an ungraceful fashion and moves to mount his horse again as the crowd around him murmurs and one young boy can hilariously be heard commentating: “Fell off his horse now.”

The clip was shared to social media yesterday with the caption: “I’m really sorry, but this is the funniest s**t I’ve seen in ages.

“The sound of the huntsman’s horn as his last bit of breath squeaks through it, before the world briefly dissolves before his eyes. Beautiful.”

The footage has since gained over 17,000 likes and more than 550 comments from users who chipped in with their opinions on the huntsman and his accident.

One user wrote: “Why’s this funny, he could’ve seriously hurt himself?”

Another claimed: “He fell off because he passed out drunk.

“He could’ve f***ing squashed a child or dog when he fell off. He’s spent a lifetime barbarically torturing and killing animals, he should be in prison for cruelty.”

A third said: “Hilarious. A good advert for wearing your helmet while out riding. I do hope the horse didn’t get a fright. Thanks for posting.

“Do they still do You’ve Been Framed? I think it’s near a grand now.”

A fourth added: “He may have blown his horn too hard and fainted. Possibly the most exertion he’s had in a while?”