House-hunters left in disbelief by 3-metre-wide London parking space selling for eye-watering £750,000

HOUSE-HUNTERS have been left in disbelief by a 3-metre-wide London parking space for sale for an eye-watering £750,000.

The bog-standard garage hit the market earlier this month, being listed to property website Rightmove as a “double garage space”.

The building is located in the capital city’s prestigious Portman Square in swanky Marylebone but offers only 28 square metres of space.

House hunters were shocked by the massive asking price.
House hunters were shocked by the massive asking price.

The “property” consists of little more than four cinderblock walls and a garage door yet commands a whopping six-figure price tag.

Behind the metal garage door, which is situated below a block of flats alongside other garages, lies a run-of-the-mill space measuring 9.02m by 3.20m for would-be buyers to squeeze a vehicle into.

The space inside is nondescript, consisting of just a concrete floor, white cinderblock walls and a metal grill door typically seen on old-fashioned elevators cordoning off the mysterious corridor beyond.

Interestingly, one of the four walls is built to barely hip height, seemingly meaning that budding owners of the garage would have access to their neighbour’s space and vice versa.

The prestigious parking space is listed by Manors, a high-end estate agent operating out of Baker Street in Westminster, London.

They listed the property with minimal detail, offering only a brief description of the extortionate space to potential buyers.

Manors describe the property as: “A double garage space available within this 24-hour portered residential building on the east side of Portman Square, moments from the world-renowned Selfridges store and Oxford Street.”

The listing was shared to social media on Friday by a baffled house-hunter who was stunned by the ridiculous cost, writing: “£750,000 for 28 sq. m of parking space.”

The post has since received dozens of likes and comments from social media users quick to mock the price of the property and anyone who would potentially pay that much.

One user said: “Might be funny for you, but it’s in the location where a person will buy it not even understanding if it’s expensive or not… and not even caring of that.”

Another added: “I’m looking at that and thinking ‘Some soul-sucking landlord parasite will be thinking I can squeeze three sets of bunkbeds in there and rent them out at £100 a week easy’.”

A third commented: “I’m probably being thick, but could you just jump that little wall on the left and have access to others’ garages? Doesn’t seem too secure.”

Another added: “The people that can afford this space probably have cars that don’t fit in here. Doesn’t even look like 2.5m wide. The Range Rover is like 2.1m.”

A fifth joked: “They’d better include the traffic cone for that kind of price.”

Manors has been contacted for comment.