Hilarious video captures moment clumsy mechanic has “cartoon” fall down hole in first day back at work

A HILARIOUS video captures the moment a clumsy mechanic has a rough first day back at work as he takes a “cartoon” fall down a hole.

The unnamed bloke’s unfortunate accident was captured on CCTV yesterday at his workplace in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

The mechanic had been collecting some tools from a workbench, but upon turning round had forgotten the hole in the floor with stairs leading below, taking a step into thin air before plunging down.

Video filmed of the CCTV footage by a colleague shows the anonymous Brit collecting his tools from a workbench whilst a colleague prepares to get to work on a blue BMW.

Seemingly in conversation with his workmate, the man appears to forget his surroundings as behind him lies a pit intended to be used for inspecting the underside of cars in the garage.

Surrounded by black and yellow hazard tape and accessed via a flight of stairs currently blocked off by the blue motor above them, the unlucky chap is none the wiser as he turns to get on with the job.

The man then takes a confident step into the vacant space above the pit where he hilariously hangs for a split second before his legs give way and he falls down the hole onto the stairs.

As the tools spill from his hands and he is left lying on the steps, his filming colleagues can be heard howling with laughter at his expense.

The footage was shared to social media yesterday with the caption: “Laddo’s (sic) first day back at work has gone well anyway.”

The clip has since received over 1,500 likes and comments from users left howling at the poor mechanic’s short trip.

One user said: “Running man mid-air has killed me.”

Another added: “Proper cartoon fall.”

A third commented: “Still crying.”