Hilarious video sees Tesco delivery driver bag £20 tip after being invited to join impromptu Ring doorbell “gameshow”

A HILARIOUS video sees a Tesco delivery driver bag a £20 tip after being invited to join in on an impromptu Ring doorbell “gameshow”.

The anonymous deliveryman was caught on camera by an unnamed homeowner on Saturday whilst dropping off the weekly shopping.

Before he could set off to his next drop-off though, the bloke was invited to answer a series of quiz questions for the chance at winning himself a tidy tip.

The video begins with the delivery driver turning to head back to his van having just dropped off the customer’s shopping.

Before he moves out of earshot though, the homeowner’s voice chimes in over the Ring doorbell’s audio function, saying: “Hello?”

The deliveryman turns back round to confirm that it’s just the Tesco delivery, before the unnamed homeowner responds: “Do you want to play a game?”

The curious delivery driver then asks for clarification on what the game is, to which the customer replies: “I ask you three questions, [if] you get them all right, you win a £20 Christmas tip.”

The intrigued deliveryman, whilst still slightly hesitant, agrees to take part, before the homeowner asks: “Are you any good at capital cities?”

The delivery driver reckons he is, prompting the makeshift quizmaster to pose the first question: “What’s the capital of England?”

The driver then replies, “It’s London”, being met with a cheer from his host, who then asks: “Question two, what’s the capital of Spain?”

The driver then confidently replies “Madrid“, which is met with another cheer before the quizmaster concludes: “For £20, what is the capital of France?”

With a hefty tip on the line, the driver double checks the country he is being asked about before saying: “Paris.”

The excited homeowner then shouts: “Paris, correct! Somebody’s coming down to see you now.”

The deliveryman then gives himself a few claps before breaking into a smile and waiting by the door for his prize, now with a new confident swagger about him.

The footage was shared to social media on Sunday with the caption: “Tesco delivery driver ends up on a Ring doorbell quiz show.”

The clip has since received over 1,000 likes and dozens of comments from social media users left chuckling at the random act of kindness.

One user said: “Might get in trouble for this video because he’s not supposed to take tips apparently.”

Another added: “Fair play he just wanted to give him the £20.”

A third joked: “Answer to question one: ‘Just come and pick your shopping up you smug t**t’.”