Shocking scenes see Londoners break down barricade in attempt to join New Year’s Eve street party

SHOCKING scenes see a mass of Londoners breaking down a barricade in an attempt to join the city’s New Year’s Eve street party.

Video filmed during the capital’s celebrations through the night sees a mob slamming themselves into a metal barrier to join the showing of fireworks.

Recorded by one unnamed mob member, the crowd eventually managed to burst through the barrier, but were met by a squad of ticked-off police officers.

The video shows a mass of people crowded around a barrier, with several unidentified punters repeatedly taking runs at the metal wall to batter it down.

A group of blokes launch repeated kicks at the wall whilst in the background, one man can be seen shaking the wall from above to try and tip it.

Dozens of others watch on, filming with their phones as the unruly mob continue to kick and batter the barrier which begins to fold under their efforts.

Several get their phones out to film the scenes unfolding before their eyes as the large metal barriers begin to bend inwards under the assault.

The crowd cheers on the yobs who begin to throw more and more effort into breaking down the barricade.

The barricades eventually give way and collapse on themselves, clearing a path for the mob to enter with one unidentified individual making a dash through the gap as others let out a roar of celebration.

However, the crowd are then immediately met by several police officers whose batons are drawn as they face off the masses in front of them.

Resembling a scene reminiscent of a riot rather than a New Year’s Eve party, the crowd suddenly seem rather hesitant to move through the hole they’ve created, as the police move forward to confront them.

The video was shared to social media with the caption: “Londoners work together to break open a barrier to see the [New Year’s Eve] fireworks last night.”

The clip has received over 600 likes and more than 300 comments from social media users condemning the behaviour of the unruly group.

One user said: “Anyone ever think about the potential impact of this, stampede? Crushing? People getting hurt…”

Another added: “Lose their bottle once they meet the welcome party.”

A third commented: “Imagine being a grown adult desperate to get into a firework show. These must be the same people who go to M&M World.”

A fourth wrote: “They do realise they can just look up when the fireworks go off…”