Hilarious video shows Brit hubby’s reaction after seeing Aussie hailstones for first time

A HILARIOUS video shows a British husband’s reaction after seeing hailstones in his wife’s homeland of Australia for the first time.

Jemima Springall and husband Ben were at home in the Aussie state of Queensland yesterday when a hailstorm rolled in overhead.

Knowing her partner had never seen giant hailstones before, Jemma seized the opportunity to capture Ben’s reaction on camera, leaving her in stitches.

The hilarious footage begins with Jemima opening her front door to find Ben standing outside on their porch.

Huge balls of hailstones leather down from the heavens, crashing onto the roads and flying down past a shocked Ben as on-screen text reads: “English husband’s first time seeing hail did not disappoint.”

Ben appears to be speechless as his expression suggests that he has never seen such extreme weather before.

He appears to mouth “What the f**k” as the wind begins to pick up and stones can be seen flying around the vacant street.

Jemima pans the camera around the street as Ben shouts: “This is f****d.”

The camera pans back to him as he looks around the house and garden in bemusement, questioning: “How long does this go on for?”

The hail bounces its way into the pair’s porch, as Ben picks up one of the hefty stones and makes an observation which is drowned out by the hammering hailstones on the roof above them.

He grins, throwing the stone out to the garden, which is now littered with a layer of the white balls, as the storm shows no signs of letting up with more stones whipping in sideways up the street.

Pictured: Ben’s hilarious reaction to the halestorm. (C) @jemimaspringall from TikTok.

Jemima took to social media yesterday, to share the footage, writing: “From terror, to entertained, to curious.”

The video received over 13,700 likes and more than 430 comments from users left tickled but perplexed at whether Ben had actually seen hail before or not.

One user wrote: “It hails in England. Did he have his eyes closed the whole time?”

Another said: “How on Earth has he made it to like 40 without seeing hail? Especially when he lived in the UK.”

A third commented: “[You’ve] got to feel for the person across the street with [an] open garage and car outside in the hail.”

Another replied: “Definitely not his first time seeing hail but for sure his first time seeing hail that big. That’s terrifying.”

A fifth added: “Seen big hail like that a few times in Scotland but to be fair, it’s usually much smaller and more of it. Makes the ground look like it’s been snowing.”