Hilarious video shows firefighters using bizarre technique to dislodge bin placed over ULEZ camera in London

A GROUP of firefighters were called out to dislodge a bin that had been placed over an ultra low emission zone (ULEZ) camera in London.

A video shows the group of three firemen attending the scene in West London last week, where they were forced to get creative with their methods of getting the bin down.

Apparently placed over the ULEZ camera in an act of defiance by an unknown vandal, the bin was eventually dislodged by way of the firemen bizarrely using the ladder they had to poke it down.

The video shows the group of three firemen standing around the foot of the pole on which the ULEZ camera is placed whilst their fire engine – with blue lights flashing – is parked a few feet away.

Two of the group appear to have leaned their extendable ladder on the pole, whilst the third stands by watching, with some sort of pole in hand.

Bizarrely, the firefighters appear to be using the ladder to poke at the bottom of the bin in an attempt to turn it over, rather than climbing the ladder to dislodge it themselves.

A passing Mercedes-Benz can be seen slowing down to apparently watch the scenes as the pair struggle with the stubborn bin.

However, their creative ladder-poking technique eventually pays off, with the emergency personnel managing to hook the black bin on the top of the tool, much to onlookers’ joy.

A cheer can be heard from those watching whilst passing drivers let out honks of celebration from their motors.

The video was shared to social media last week with the caption: “Firemen dislodge a bucket that has mysteriously fallen on a ULEZ camera.”

The clip has since received dozens of likes and comments from Brits left divided by ULEZ and the use of the firemen’s time.

One user said: “Air rifle, shoot the camera lens… could take out 10-20 in a night easily.”

Another added: “Is this a good use of firemen’s time?”

A third said: “It looked nicer than a ULEZ camera. Thank you for your service, large bucket.”

A fourth claimed: “Everyone should actively seek to destroy ULEZ cameras or at least prohibit them from working in one’s local area.”

The ULEZ is an area in London where an emissions standard based charge is applied to non-compliant road vehicles.

Whilst first introduced in 2019, initially covering Central London, the area was expanded in August this year to cover all of Greater London.

However, the introduction of ULEZ cameras has been met by strong opposition, including a group of vandals calling themselves the Blade Runners.

The group previously told the Daily Mail that they intended to destroy all ULEZ cameras, and by September 2023, attacks on cameras had extended to slashing tyres and spraying graffiti on camera vans.