Watch shocking moment brazen thief pinches bag from distracted couple as they load luggage into taxi

THIS is the shocking moment a brazen thief pinches a couple’s bag from the roadside as they load their luggage into a taxi.

The unidentified thief was caught on another cab driver’s dashcam last week after a luggage-laden couple loaded their bags into a waiting taxi at Kings Cross station in London.

Seizing his moment as the pair are distracted, the bold-as-brass pilferer nonchalantly nabs the bag, which lies just inches from the cab’s door, before making a break for it.

Video shows the anonymous couple walking up to a taxi and opening one of the back doors to begin piling their luggage in.

A radio can be heard playing in the background whilst the woman first climbs into the back seat, as her partner steps forward to lend a hand, leaving the rest of their bags unattended for mere seconds.

In this moment, a previously unnoticed stranger approaches the cab and takes a glance at the distracted couple.

Realising his window of opportunity, the stranger – wearing a black coat – grabs a holdall that sits atop of a suitcase and turns to run.

The taxi driver behind the dashcam, having noticed the theft, honks his horn before flinging his door open to grab the couple’s attention, shouting: “Hey! He’s just nicked- he’s just stolen your bag.”

As the couple realise what’s happened, the man begins to run off after the thief in an attempt to reclaim his stolen property.

The woman climbs back out of the cab to look after the rest of the bags that are now on the pavement unattended, whilst it remains unclear whether the man managed to catch the thief.

The video was shared to social media last week with the caption: “Be aware of scumbags when loading up, the slightest opportunity and they will take it.

“Thankfully this is quite rare, but it does happen.”

The clip gained hundreds of likes and tens of comments from shocked social media users who were left in disbelief at the brazen thief.

One said: “Wow. Never seen that happen before. Have never thought about being wary of people’s luggage as they’ve loaded up. Will now.”

Another blamed the taxi driver for not doing more to help, saying: “100% on the cabbie here. Hopefully he put his hand in his pocket and paid to replace the stolen item.”

A third said: “Two of the busiest stations in London plus Eurostar, never a police patrol at the ranks or drop off.

“Go to an airport and the guns are out everywhere.”

Another claimed: “If only as a society we dished out immediate social justice to these scum they’d feel less inclined to try it on.

“A few days in hospital and some missing teeth would make him think twice next time.”