NFL’s Kelce brothers credit Swifties for table-topping jersey sales in the UK

BRITISH Taylor Swift fans have been credited by Travis and Jason Kelce as the reason behind the pair topping the UK charts for NFL jerseys sold.

The duo were recording an episode of their New Heights podcast when Philadelphia Eagles centre Jason revealed how the pair fared on the list.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis, who has been dating Swift since at least September, seemed stunned by the fact before the duo concluded that “Swifties” were to thank for the accolade.

In the clip, Jason says: “In other news we are the number one and number two top selling jerseys in the United Kingdom.

“Yeah, Trav you got the number one bestselling jersey, good to know we’re still number one in something these days – and followed by me at number two.

“This is crazy, it’s Travis, then me, then Pat Mahomes and Jalen Hurts.”

His younger brother interjects, adding: “That doesn’t make any sense.”

This leads the experienced Jason to query his brother on the number of music fans in the UK, asking: “Lot of Swifties over there in the UK?”

Travis quickly fires back: “Got to be, that’s the only reasonable solution to all of this.”

Jason and Travis Kelce sat during their New Heights podcast
The brothers were shocked to learn that they were the top two best selling jerseys in the UK Credit: New Heights

Humble Jason, who has recently released a Christmas album with some of his Philadelphia Eagles teammates, admits that he has doubts over the legitimacy of his spot.

The dad-of-three says: “I think I’m only number two because I think a lot of people in the UK maybe just don’t watch [American] football and they’re like ‘Oh I heard this Kelce guy dates Taylor Swift’ and buy my jersey on accident.”

The video was shared to social media yesterday with the caption: “Kelce jerseys everywhere in the UK.”

The clip received over 43,000 likes with over 290 comments from fans of Taylor Swift and the brothers.

One said: “Jason is hilarious for thinking his jersey is a bestseller because he is getting confused with Travis.”

Another added: “Jason needs to know we started watching New Heights for Travis but stayed for Jason.”

A third replied: “I’m in the UK, I’m a Taylor fan and my boyfriend is an Eagles fan, only allowed Jason’s jersey in the house so I’ll take it.”

Another commented: “This is crazy considering the game at Wembley only had Jalen’s shirt on sale.”

The Kelce brothers will both be hoping to continue their push towards the play-offs over the festive season.

Philadelphia Eagles currently boast a 10-3 record whilst the Kansas City Chiefs are 8-5 with four games left in the regular season.