Food writer Nigel Slater sparks barrage of X-rated jokes after sharing snap of questionable Christmas tart

FOOD writer Nigel slater has sparked a barrage of hilarious jokes after sharing a snap of a questionable looking Christmas tart.

The 67-year-old took to social media last Sunday to show off his latest dessert creation – seemingly unaware of its rude appearance.

The tart, which is reddish pink in colour and encased in a puffed pastry, bears a hilariously striking resemblance to female genitalia.

Whilst Slater, from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, appeared none the wiser, fans were quick to crack jokes about the foodie’s X-rated tart.

Fans were quick to joke about the funny shape of the tart.

Journalist Slater shared the snap of his quince custard tart to social media yesterday (SUN) where he detailed how baking the dessert could prove a “pleasurable” way to spend your afternoon.

His full caption reads: “Quince custard tarts. Puff pastry filled with custard and poached quince.

“Not something to hurry, but a pleasurable way to spend a quiet afternoon in the kitchen and worth every minute of your time.

“The quinces need to be cooked until completely soft, then left to cool in their syrup which is then boiled down for the glaze.

“You could make them with apples should quinces prove evasive.”

Slater’s snap has since received over 29,000 likes and more than 3,500 comments from fans left in stitches by the blissfully unaware writer’s risqué pastry.

One user said: “Nige, I’m going to put it down to your being a sweet gay man that you have no idea what you’ve posted. Merry Christmas.”

Another quipped: “Merry clitmas, one and all.”

A third wrote: “I think Nigel saw the trailer for Nigella’s [Lawson] Christmas special and thought, hold my beer.”

Another added: “That garnish is a bit misplaced if I remember correctly.”

A fifth joked: “Nice vulvatey texture.”

Another replied: “I’ve never seen anything that’s not a vagina look more like a vagina.”

Even TV chef Jamie Oliver was left howling, commenting: “Hahaha, merry Christmas.”