Heartwarming moment Scots offshore workers work together to rescue trapped seal

A HEARTWARMING video shows the moment a group of Scots offshore workers rescue a seal that had become trapped on their vessel.

The group of workers initially spotted the mammal trapped in what appears to be the ship’s moon pool – an opening at the base of the hull, giving access to the water below – last Wednesday.

The distressed animal was allegedly trapped in the pool for nearly eight hours as workers onboard racked their brains for the best rescue method – eventually opting to drop a net in and drag the seal to safety.

The clip begins with an unnamed worker pointing his camera at himself, explaining: “We’ve got a wee uninvited visitor on board. Going to need to rescue him.”

The worker then turns his phone around to reveal the poor seal being tossed around in the foamy seawater below.

The clip then cuts to the worker explaining that he and his colleagues are going to rig up a net to drop into the water, in an attempt to scoop the stranded seal up and out to safety.

The crew then slowly lower the sprawling green net down into the pool to try and grab the seal – taking three attempts before successfully nabbing the creature.

The crew then heave at the ropes in unison before cheers erupt as the seal is successfully raised to the safety of the deck.

The seal, tangled in the net and seemingly terrified, is comforted by the workers, who discuss the possibility of grabbing the animal some food and allowing it to rest on the deck.

One worker manages to free the seal from becoming strangled by the net, leaving the visibly tired creature to rest for a while.

The clip then cuts to later on, as the crew help return the seal to its natural habitat, lifting the net over the side of the ship.

They lower the net, with the seal inside it, down towards the sea before the creature rolls over the side, tumbling into the water below with a splash.

It hesitates and looks back up at the workers in an apparent gesture of thanks before swimming off under the waves to a chorus of cheers from its onlooking rescuers.

The video was shared to social media on Wednesday evening by the unnamed worker with the caption: “Good deed done for the day. Wee guy had been in there since 10am today.”

The clip received over 3,800 likes and more than 170 comments from users left applauding the crew’s rescue mission.

One user said: “Its mates are never going to believe it was abducted by aliens.”

Another added: “Aw poor thing was terrified… well done for rescuing it.”

A third replied: “Ah wee cutie. Must have been petrified when he seen all yous shouting and cameras in his face, wee soul.”

Another wrote: “Such beautiful animals, thanks for caring enough to rescue.”

A fifth commented: “Aw well done guys. Poor wee thing.”