Hilarious video shows footie pundits in stitches after finding “worst mascot” they’ve ever seen

A HILARIOUS video shows football pundits in stitches after being alerted to the “worst mascot” that they’ve ever seen.

TalkSPORT hosts Jamie O’Hara and Jason Cundy were hosting their show The Sports Bar on Wednesday when they asked for callers to phone in and name the worst mascots in football.

The duo’s request was answered by one caller who informed the pair of West Bromwich Albion’s bizarre mascot, Boilerman.

Whilst most club’s mascots usually reflect part of the culture of the club itself, Boilerman has gained notoriety in recent years after being adopted by West Brom in 2018 as a secondary mascot.

Boilerman was coined after the West Midlands side signed a sponsorship deal with boiler company Ideal Boilers.

The mascot is quite literally a person dressed as a boiler – with an all-white underlayer and shoes whilst the person’s torso and head is hilariously encased in a white boiler.

Video shows O’Hara and Cundy answering the phone to the unnamed caller who simply answers their request with: “Boilerman.”

Cundy says: “Who?”

O’Hara also asks: “Boilerman?”

The caller replies: “Yeah, from West Brom.”

A confused O’Hara says: “Who’s Boilerman, what is it?”

The caller calmly confirms: “It’s a boiler, like at home.”

Cundy in disbelief says: “Hold it, it’s an actual boiler?

O’Hara then brings up his phone to search for an image of the mascot as the caller continues: “West Brom, West Brom United’s mascot.”

Cundy remains increasingly confused but is interrupted before he can question any more by his co-host who explodes in a lit of laughter, asking: “Have you seen this?”

Cundy replies: “Of course no.”

O’Hara, in hysterics, states: “It’s the worst mascot I’ve ever seen!”

He proceeds to show a picture of Boilerman standing proudly at game at The Hawthorns, to which Cundy – seemingly in disbelief – repeats: “It’s a boiler, it’s a boiler, it’s a boiler.”

O’Hara who has become red-faced says: “It’s actually a boiler. Why is it a boiler?”

Cundy jokes: “Do you know what, no West Brom fan’s phoned-up. I’m not surprised – they’ve got just a boiler. I mean, I think he’s got to be in the engine room ain’t he?”

O’Hara laughs and replies: “He’s in there, centre mid.”

Cundy addresses the listeners saying: “For those that don’t know, it is a boiler with arms and legs.”

The caller then chips in: “Yeah, I didn’t believe it when I first heard about it.”

O’Hara who is still scanning the photo hilariously adds: “It actually looks like my boiler at home!”

The video was uploaded to social media yesterday with the caption: “This football mascot is bizarre!”

West Brom's Boiler Man mascot
Boilerman. Credits: Dan Walker/X

The clip has since received over 600 likes and dozens of comments from fellow footie fans.

One user wrote: “They’re sponsored by Ideal Boilers. Have been for a while. How far behind are these lot?”

Another joked: “Does he need serviced annually?”

A third questioned: “Did he just say West Brom United?”

Another replied: “Patrick Thistle’s mascot is [the] stuff of nightmares.”

West Brom aren’t the only club with a bizarre mascot in their ranks, as Scottish side Partick Thistle’s mascot, Kingsley, proves.

Kingsley is a bizarre yellow, sun-like shape with an angry face who was described by designer David Shrigley in 2015 as representing “the angst of being a football fan – which anyone who has supported Partick Thistle over the last few decades understands”.

On the continent in Germany, FC Koln bring out a live goat named Hennes, who greets the fans prior to kick-off.

The side’s goat mascot has been around since 1950 when the club were gifted a circus goat by then-manager Hennes Weisweiler.