Man seemingly refused boarding by easyJet after staff spot skateboard

A MAN was seemingly refused boarding by easyJet after staff would not accept his skateboard as an “assistance aid vehicle”.

Mat Mora was travelling from Gatwick Airport, London to Paris with his girlfriend last month when they were confronted by staff at the gate as they attempted to board their flight.

The 29-year-old claims to rely heavily on his skateboard for assistance during colder weather following an accident that left him unable to walk long distances.

Despite having allegedly travelled with easyJet countless times before with the skateboard with no issue, Mat was told that the policies had changed – a claim to which staff later U-turned on.

Entrepreneur Mat says he pleaded with staff to speak to a manager but was refused, with staff allegedly threatening to call the police after Mat began recording the situation.

Mat was eventually allowed access onto the plane after finally speaking to a manager but was left to find his own way to board the aircraft, ultimately being forced to use the emergency exit.

After being met with further disgruntled staff as he yet again had to explain why he was late to board the plane, Mat was finally able to board – but has been left unhappy with his service.

Footage shows Mat speaking to an alleged member of EasyJet staff as on-screen text reads: “EasyJet refused me [sic] to board my flight from London to Paris because I brought a skateboard.”

Mat can be heard saying to the man: “You’re telling me that all the time – all the places – I have [gone] with easyJet [sic] I can bring my skateboard with me and today, I can’t bring it because you have changed your policy.”

The man can be heard confirming that the policies have changed before the camera cuts to Mat’s girlfriend saying: “I have a boarding pass.

“I can take [the skateboard] with my because I have [extra] luggage.”

The man asks the pair if they are together which they confirm, before he asks to see Mat’s boarding pass.

The video then cuts to show him allegedly asking for Mat to pay extra money for luggage space to which Mat says: “Sir, I always travel with it and they never charge me.”

The man curtly replies “I’m charging you today” before asking Mat to put the skateboard onto a luggage cage.

The clip then cuts to more members of staff joining them as on-screen text reads: “But they told us we were ‘unboarded’ and we were disturbing other passengers.”

The man then says to Mat: “I’ve got a decision, man. You’re not travelling today.”

Mat continues to argue with the group of staff, saying: “You’re making my girlfriend cry.”

The camera then cuts to Mat walking on his own down a hallway after his girlfriend and all other passengers have boarded the plane.

On-screen text reads “I talked with the manager and he told me I can board” as Mat begins to bolt down an empty hallway, determined to board in time.

The text then reads: “Unfortunately, when I tried to board, all doors seemed closed.”

Mat can be heard sighing as the camera cuts to the only door Mat claims to have seen in his hurry – an emergency exit.

He pushes the emergency button and runs through the door and onto the tarmac where a plane can be seen preparing to depart the airport.

Displayed text reads: “Finally, I found one door. However, since easyJet unboarded me before, the crew wasn’t [sic] expecting me and stopped me.”

A group of staff members can be seen on the steps descending from the plane, stopping Mat in his tracks and demanding to know why he is there.

The alleged member of staff.
Mat claims he was told he could not board the plane. (C) Mat Mora

Mat is forced to explain his situation to all the staff members before the clip finally cuts to the Frenchman finally sitting next to his girlfriend on the plane.

The pair share a kiss as on-screen text reads: “And I got to the plane. It was quite stressful.”

Mat took to social media last week to share the video, writing: “EasyJet unboarded me.”

The post received over 800,000 likes and thousands of comments from users left shocked by Mat’s experience.

One person wrote: “Should always be customer first. The fact that they didn’t want to hear you out and [at] the end of it they let you on, makes their reason not serious at all.”

Another said: “I feel so bad for him.”

A third commented: “You legend. You made it back to your girl.”

A fourth added: “Literally ‘fight or flight’ video. I love it.”

Speaking to Mat today, he said: “Unfortunately, I had an accident and now if I walk long distances or I’m in cold weather my knee hurts.

“Usually, I use an electric skateboard to move around the city but when I’m traveling, I normally use a mechanical skateboard to assist me.

“I’ve never had issues with an airline before but on 25 September when I approached my gate, the easyJet representative told me their policies have changed and I can’t board with my skateboard.

“I explained to him that I use it as an assistance aid vehicle and I always travel with it with no issues. He responded that I’ll have to pay for extra luggage.

“I was confused by this situation and I kindly asked him to show me the new policies or to please speak with a manager.

“He told me I can’t speak with the manager and the policies haven’t changed. It was a quite a stressful situation because we had people in Paris waiting for us.

“My girlfriend started to cry and the easyJet representative told us that we were ‘unboarded’.

“I couldn’t believe what was happening, I was only asking to speak with the manager but the only response I received was that they were going to call the police because I was recording with my phone.

“I was only recording to have evidence of the treatment I was receiving and to protect my rights. Fortunately, the manager came to the gate.

“I paid for the extra luggage and he told me to board. The only door I found working was an emergency door, there was no one from easyJet to guide me and I opened it.

“I went to the plane. They stopped me for a moment to confirm the information and then they let me board.

“I just wished they would have allowed me to see the ‘new policies’ and to speak with the manager when I respectfully asked for it.”

EasyJet has been contacted for comment.