Hilarious video shows Scots marching pipe band shoving selfie-taking tourist out of the way on capital’s Royal Mile

A HILARIOUS video shows the moment that a Scots marching pipe band shove a tourist out of the way as she stands in their path taking a selfie.

Tanya Green was at the top of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh on Sunday as she watched the RAF Central Scotland Pipes and Drums band as part of this year’s Remembrance Sunday parade.

With the band approaching Edinburgh Castle, the crowd parted, aside from one woman who insisted on holding her phone aloft for a snap, but quickly learnt her lesson after obstructing the oncoming pipers.

The video shows the bagpipers at the front of the band marching up the Royal Mile, with the skirl of the instruments being heard as they march past the Tolbooth Kirk.

Crowds can be seen peering down the hill at the approaching military band as on-screen text reads: “Take note of the woman taking a selfie.”

As the crowds disperse in the street to allow the army of pipers to make way, one tourist can be seen still standing on the cobbled road smiling at the phone she holds, pointed towards the band behind her.

Other members of the crowd can be seen signalling for her to move as the group of pipers barrel towards her, with murmurs of “Move out of the way” even being heard, but the woman stands firm.

However, the band finally reaches her, and before she can react, one piper shoves her aside with his right hand without skipping a beat, sending her stumbling back into the crowds.

The band then continue to march on towards the castle, dressed in their traditional blue tartan kilts and plaids, with towering feather bonnets and lengthy sporrans.

They are closely followed by smartly dressed members of the Royal Navy, who hold their rifles over their shoulders.

Other members of the military then follow before several veterans finally made their way up to the iconic castle.

Tanya shared the clip to social media on Monday with the hashtag: “Getoutmyway.”

Selfie-taking tourist shoved out of the way by bagpipe marching band. Credits: TikTok.

The video has since received over 3,900 likes and dozens of comments from locals left bewildered by the woman’s behaviour.

One person wrote: “She was asked to move twice.”

Another commented: “No messing around, just straight shove and carry on, as if the ever-approaching sounds of bagpipes wasn’t enough warning.”

A third joked: “That’ll be a one-star Yelp review now.”

Another said: “How can someone be oblivious to their surroundings. Actually infuriating.”

A fifth wrote: “She got told to move, she saw them in her reverse camera… what the heck did she think was going to happen? They’d go round her?”

Hundreds of tourists gathered on Sunday to pay respect for the fallen whilst maintaining a two-minute silence of remembrance as a single round was fired from the One O’clock gun at the Castle at 11am.

In attendance was First Minister of Scotland Humza Yousaf, as he laid a poppy wreath at Edinburgh’s Stone of Remembrance.