“I can see”: Heartwarming video captures Irishman’s reaction to receiving first pair of glasses

A HEARTWARMING video captures an Irishman’s incredible reaction to receiving his first pair of glasses.

John Sharpson received his first pair of specs after an optician’s appointment with girlfriend Éadaoin Fitzmaurice on Sunday.

The Dublin-based couple managed to capture the incredible moment that teacher John put on his glasses for the first time and finally experienced the outside world in high definition.

The heartwarming footage shows Éadaoin grinning as the pair, who are wrapped up in warm clothing, walk out of the opticians.

The camera pans to show John appearing overjoyed as he looks around, with on-screen text reading: “POV. Your boyfriend gets his first pair of glasses, and you can’t stop smiling at the joy it brings him.”

Cheerful music plays in the background as the delighted couple walk towards their car, before John looks over to the camera and says in disbelief: “I can see. Oh my God, I can see.”

Éadaoin grins before panning back to John pointing at a car’s registration plate, which he reads out in rapid-fire style to prove the strength of his newfound vision.

The clip then cuts to John inside the couple’s car as his excitement over the glasses is still spread across his face.

He gently lifts his glasses to compare his sight with and without the glasses, exclaiming: “This is incredible. I can see so much detail and everything. Mother of Moses.”

He inspects his surroundings before jokingly bringing his hand to his face before moving it away.

He says, stunned: “It’s like it’s coming right at me.”

The footage then cuts to John driving, who upon realising the difference in his vision, jokes: “I should not have been driving.”

John Sharpson.
Pictured: John Sharpson. (C) @eadaoinfitzmaurice from TikTok.

Éadaoin chuckles as John’s mouth drops agape at the clearness of the road.

John laughs as he says: “Compared to what I can see now – oh my God.”

Éadaoin took to social media on Monday to share the heartwarming moment, writing: “Why is this so wholesome?”

The post received over 229,800 likes and more than 1,300 comments from users left moved by the heartwarming moment.

Meanwhile, others related to John’s experience as they shared their own stories of receiving their first pair of glasses.

One person wrote: “This was me when I first got glasses. [It] was like life in HD.”

Another said: “I remember my first pair of glasses and seeing all the different leaves on a tree instead of a green blob.”

A third commented: “I’m an optician – this is my favourite part of my job. It makes my heart happy. Such joy at details in a beautiful new world.”

Another added: “He looks cute in them too. Great work, team.”

A fifth wrote: “I’m curious as to what his prescription was that he has been living with this whole time, thinking it was standard.”

A final commenter advised: “Let him know if he gets a headache from it, it’s normal. It’s his brain and eyes adjusting.”