Scots left in stitches by commuter’s hilarious reaction to ScotRail cancelling train

SCOTS have been left in stitches by an unfortunate commuter’s hilarious reaction upon hearing that ScotRail had cancelled his train.

Andrea Jardine was walking the streets of Edinburgh on Thursday night, when she strolled past a group of men.

One of the group appeared to have just discovered his train had been cancelled and, upon loudly venting his frustrations to his pals, prompted tickled Andrea to film the relatable situation.

Footage shows Andrea, 24, wearing a coat, a pink scarf and glasses as she walks through a dark street, with on-screen text reading: “This man speaks for all of Scotland about how we feel towards ScotRail.”

She looks at the camera as she walks past the group of men – one of whom can be heard loudly yelling into the night.

The man shouts emphatically: “The train was cancelled. ScotRail cancelled the train.”

Andrea shifts the camera over her shoulder discreetly to reveal the small group of three people surrounding the disgruntled man.

The man – who appears to be infuriated and distressed – continues: “The train was going home. The train is cancelled.”

His voice tails off at the end as he appears bent over in frustration, whilst Andrea raises her palm to her forehead and chuckles as she continues walking.

Despite putting distance between herself and the group, the man can still be heard repeatedly shouting: “The train’s been cancelled.”

The man continues to yell at his comrades as his ultimate solution to his cancelled ride home remains a mystery

Andrea took to social media on Saturday to share the video, writing in the caption: “Scotrail? More like ScotFail. Am I right?

“In all seriousness, I really hope he managed to find a way home last night.”

Pictured: Andrea Jardine. (C) aerdnajard from TikTok.

The post received over 26,200 likes and more than 210 comments from Scots left chuckling at the man’s reaction, with many sympathetic to the man’s plights.

One person wrote: “We’ve all been f***ed over by ScotRail at least once.”

Another said: “ScotRail honestly [isn’t] even that bad. Most people just don’t understand how much can go wrong and blame it solely on the operating company.”

A third commented: “I got the pleasure of putting in a complaint to ScotRail after one of their employees blocked me and my child in a gate and refused to move […]”

Another added: “ScotRail cancelled my train from Inverness to Aberdeen while I was sitting on the train.”

A fifth wrote: “Apart from getting rid of the peak time tickets, I couldn’t tell you another good thing about ScotRail.”

Speaking to Andrea today she said: “I was out with my coursemates for an end of semester night out. It was around half twelve on a Thursday night.

“I was walking on Grassmarket and I was on my phone and I could just hear people shouting about ScotRail and the train had been cancelled.

“I just took a little video for my close friends story on Instagram and I remember uploading it, saying, ‘This man is having an absolute tantrum about the train being cancelled.’

“I was saying I really for him and I remember some of my friends responding, saying that’s such a valid response.

“I just thought it was really funny. I’d just been out, singing karaoke for a couple of hours and I was just really tired.

“I was just walking and all I was thinking was that I wanted to get to sleep but that made my walk home very entertaining.

“I spent the next day thinking, ‘Oh, I hope he managed to find a way home because ScotRail can be annoying and a bit frustrating there.’

“I just find it really nice in a way. It’s kind of a universal experience for all people in Scotland and there’s also the backlash of people saying, ‘Oh, ScotRail is a good company.’

“I don’t see anything wrong with ScotRail – when it works, when it’s on time, it runs – and it must be very frsutrating for [staff].

“I do really feel for staff but it’s just a bit of fun and it felt very wholesome, the response I got – that everyone is relating to it in some way.”

Phil Campbell, ScotRail Customer Operations Director, today said: “We know how frustrating it is when delays or cancellations occur, but it is right that our customers have the opportunity to be refunded when this happens.

“Anyone delayed by 30 minutes or more is entitled to compensation through our delay repay guarantee, and can claim on the ScotRail website or mobile app.

“We are absolutely committed to delivering the best possible service for customers throughout the country, and everyone at ScotRail is working hard to improve performance across the network.”