Incredible clip of Scots home goes viral for Christmas inspired lights show

SCOTS have been left stunned after witnessing a breathtaking festive light display at a home which features music alongside the incredible dazzling lights.

The incredible showpiece takes place in Holytown, North Lanarkshire each evening and has left social media users in awe of the theatrics after the video was posted online last week.

The show, which lasts for 25 minutes, takes place each evening at the home but will not always feature the music which accompanied the viral online clip.

Inside less than a day, the viral clip racked up over 57,500 likes on social media who enjoyed music from The Greatest Showman along with a singing animated Christmas tree.

Incredible footage shows the house being prepared for its incredible show as a man cuts out circular rings for the colourful lights of the house.

On-screen text reads: “A little of the preparation that has went into our Christmas light show.”

Festive music can be heard playing as the man sets to work on the preparation for the lights show with hoops being planted in the front garden as red and green lights flash.

The camera then cuts to the end result of the house as on-screen text reads: “Holytown light show”.

The music begins to play as green lights illuminate the hoops and light up the exterior of the home.

Suddenly, a Christmas tree out in the front suddenly flashes red, revealing its magnitude and a large Christmas star placed at the top.

The camera then pans to show a miniature animated green Christmas tree made from the lights placed above the front door.

The miniature tree can be heard reciting a line from the much-loved 1988 film National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

The miniature Christmas tree lip-syncs the words: “You have the best-looking house in town, Russ.”

The music then continues as the interlude to the beginning of the now well-known hit The Greatest Show begins with the banging of drums.

The camera pans back across the house again as the music pauses as a boy from the Christmas film says: “Think you might be overdoing it, dad?”

The Christmas house.
Pictured: The Christmas house. @akerr1 from TikTok.

The music then begins again before pausing to let the tree lip sync: “When was the last time I overdid anything?”

The animated tree lights back up and continues to entertain viewers by continuing to sing along to the Hugh Jackman hit.

The lights all begin to dazzle as their bright festive colours flash across the garden hoops and the large tree becomes a tricolour of blue, purple and gold.

The video was shared online last week, informing social media users about the spectacular Christmas display, writing: “The show will only run once every night until Christmas Eve, 6:30-7:30.

“Outwith this time [there] will be a sequence with no sound. Our light show will be running every night from 6:30 and will last about 25 minutes, if anyone wants to come and see.”

The post received 57,500 likes and dozens of comments as many were quick to share their joy at the festive display.

One person said: “Hi. This is marvellous. You’ve put a clip regarding Holytown Christmas lights. Could you make it longer?”

Another added: “So cool. Merry Christmas.”

A third commented: “Where can I buy this type of light? I’d blow my neighbours away with these.”

A fourth joked: “That elf is terrifying.”