Integrated Graphene looks to strengthen commercial capabilities with new hire

SCOTS company Integrated Graphene have hired Helen Adams to their board as Non-Executive Director in a bid to drive the business’s commercialisation.

The Stirling-based company is behind the development of a sustainable nanomaterial – a three-dimensional carbon-based material patented as Gii™.

Ms Adams has more than 30 years’ experience in commercial management across the microelectronics and advanced materials sectors and was previously Vice President of semi-conductor and software design company Arm in Cambridge.

Microelectronics specialist Ms Adams has been recruited by recently appointed CEO Jean-Christophe Granier.

Jean-Christophe Granier and Helen Adams, CEO and Non-Executive Director of Integrated Graphene.
Jean-Christophe Granier (left) and Helen Adams (right)

Integrated Graphene say their Gii™ contains all the intrinsic properties of graphene but suffers none of the scale-up challenges.

Jean-Christophe Granier said: “Helen’s impressive track record working in the advanced materials sector and her long-term relationships in Europe and Asia, will help drive adoption of Gii™ as a must-have material.

“Integrated Graphene scientists have established a proven method for producing Gii™ in sustainable and commercial quantities, delivering all the beneficial properties of graphene with none of the downsides.”

Helen Adams added: “I am excited to be joining Integrated Graphene as the company reaches a pivotal point in its evolution and is now ready to roll-out its Gii™ nanotechnology, which has the potential to transform the way many sectors operate.

“There are zero chemicals used in the production of Gii™ and I am keen to get this message out to potential customers that our product is as clean and pure as it gets.

“Our novel, patented manufacture method is scalable and designed for the large scale manufacture of commercial quantities, with an extremely small environmental footprint and none of the supply chain limitations associated with graphene.”

Jean-Christophe Granier was appointed CEO of Integrated Graphene in October 2023 with a mandate to transform the business’s commercial activities and to facilitate entry to global markets.