Janey Godley falls victim to further online trolling after “vile individual” shares sickening edited images

SCOTS comedian Janey Godley has been subject to further online trolling from a “vile individual” who shared sickening edited images joking that Godley had died.

The 62-year-old comedian and cancer fighter claimed last month how she had been left “broken” after a social media user made her the victim of a cruel joke.

The alleged edited photograph.
Many stood up for Godley after the vile images were shared. (C) Twitter.

The user – known only as “Marina Lesta” – had allegedly replied to a previous tweet of Godley’s, with a photograph of a gravestone that had been edited to say: “Janey Currie 1961-2024″.

However, the online troll seemingly ramped up the cruelty last night, after sharing an edited image of Glaswegian Godley wearing a black t-shirt that reads: “This is my favourite funeral jumper.”

Sickening images show the two photoshopped images compared side by side.

The first image is a heavily doctored photograph of a grey gravestone placed in what appears to be a cemetery.

To each side of the gravestone are two vases of orange bouquets whilst the headstone itself reads “Janey Currie 1961-2024″, in reference to Godley’s birth name.

The second image shows Janey smiling at the camera while holding her coat open to reveal that she is wearing a black t-shirt.

Slapped onto the centre of the t-shirt are badly edited words that read: “This is my favourite funeral jumper”.

Godley, who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer posted screenshots of the two edited images to social media yesterday, sharing her concerns over the relentless online bully.

She wrote in the post: “Does anyone think it’s worth contacting the police and bothering them over this? Send me your genuine thoughts?

“Can someone please screen grab the past vile tweets they sent I have blocked them – thanks it might be too many. I’m sorry.

“I’m off to get my cancer treatment today but I’ll go and report after I leave the Beatson [West of Scotland Cancer Centre], thanks everyone – I wasn’t sure if it was acceptable opinion or threats [sic].”

The tweet received over 3,000 likes and more than 1,400 comments from fans left disgusted at the online bullying.

One person wrote: “What kind of disturbed individual would mock-up a photo of a terminal cancer sufferer’s gravestone just to get at them?”

The alleged online abuser.
Pictured: The alleged online abuser. (C) Twitter.

Another said: “What disgusting behaviour. Having gone through cancer myself, death is one thing you don’t need reminding of.

“She is going through hell and doesn’t deserve this. Let’s hope you don’t get cancer, and someone decides to do what you’re doing to her. You’re a vile individual.”

A third commented: “Absolutely, Janey. It’s grossly offensive, harassment, probably a hate crime due to your very public support of trans people and a breach of public communication laws. Tell the police.”

Another added: “I’m so sorry you have to see this. How pathetic and cruel. These people must live horrendous lives to be so jealous and offended by you living your best life.

“By you being a voice for others, by you being brave, brilliant and community minded. People like you are a light to us all.”

However, the alleged online abuser replied in a further act of malice, writing: “The Grandiose Narcissist and Coward has finally taken me off ‘mute’ and put me back on ‘blocked’.

“She tried to feed me to her Godawfulites, but by blocking me, I won’t see their blethering bile.

“Hi, Met Police, Police Scotland, when you come and visit me because Janey Godley is Grandiose Narcissist, please can you do so in the afternoon, thanks.”