JK Rowling teases new series of hit BBC crime drama

JK ROWLING has teased a new series of hit BBC crime drama Strike, based on her popular novels.

The 58-year-old penned The Ink Black Heart in 2022 under her pseudonym Robert Galbraith as the sixth entry in her Cormoran Strike series based around the beloved detective of the same name.

With the previous books having been adapted into five successful series broadcast on BBC One since 2017, Rowling has now confirmed rumours of the latest adaptation.

JK Rowling.
Pictured: JK Rowling. (C) @jk_rowling/X/Twitter

The Harry Potter author shared a sneak peek at four scripts of series six of Strike, which will cover The Ink Black Heart.

The image shows a pile of scripts splayed out on a grey wood surface, with the top copy plastered with a fine grey “confidential” stamp.

The front page shows the title of the book along with “Episode 1” below, before also warning in bold: “Please note that this script contains some challenging themes and scenes which reference violence and death.”

Further text reveals the copy of the scripts to be read-through drafts from 26 January, presumably issued to all cast and relevant crew members.

Rowling shared the snap in a post to social media last night, writing: “It’s been a fun day.”

Rowling later joked of the trigger warning: “I was very grateful for it. Whoever wrote that story is sick, frankly.”

The post sent followers into a frenzy, receiving over 13,000 likes and more than 600 comments from eager fans.

The script.
Pictured: The script. (C) @jk_rowling/X/Twitter

One person wrote: “Intrigued to see how the in-game chats will be handled in the TV adaptation. Also, will we get to see the game? So excited for this. The casting for the two leads is superb.”

Another said: “Amazing. I’m hopelessly attempting to read the first page through the title page and have so far made out the word ‘tax.’ I hope that’s important to the plot.”

A third commented: “Reading this book now. It’s amazing, the connections I’m getting from your own life and work to this. I could be wrong, but it feels that way. Wonderful book.”

A fourth added: “Can’t wait to read it. I have a feeling this is much better than my current book draft.”

A fifth wrote: “This was my favourite Strike book so far. Currently reading The Running Grave and enjoying it too but Ink Black Heart was just fantastic. Bravo. Can’t wait.”