“Musician, marathon runner, pilot, and quantum physicist”: Woman pranks grandma with fake job interview complete with bizarre answers

A WOMAN pranked her grandma by faking a job interview and offering up some wacky answers to the employer’s questions.

Megan Hussey had her grandmother on strings yesterday after pretending to take a phone call in which she answered some standard interview questions.

Megan, from Monkstown, County Dublin left her gran bemused after telling a string of hilarious fibs, including that she had ran five marathons, was a pilot-in-training and enjoyed reading quantum physics in her spare time.

The hilarious footage begins with yoga teacher Megan and her gran sitting at a kitchen table together as on-screen text reads: “Telling my nanny I’m expecting a phone call for a job interview.”

Megan puts her earphones in as she explains: “The company said that they’re going to ring me, so just in case they do, I’m just going to put these in.”

Megan then fakes a call that she answers as her gran looks on, keeping quiet alongside other off-screen family members as she listens to her granddaughter’s exchange.

Megan continues as she begins her first fib: “Sure, I can tell you about my hobbies. So, I’m really into music, it’s a big passion of mine. I learned how to play the violin when I was four.

“My grandmother got the violin for me when I was younger because she was quite an esteemed violinist herself.”

Shocked grandma then hilariously pulls a shocked face as she listens on to Megan’s lies, gesturing at her family members but keeping quiet in the hopes that Megan gets the job.

Megan continues the charade, saying: “Her name’s Philomena but she wouldn’t really be too famous here in Ireland. She was quite a big deal in Austria.”

The grandmother appears displeased at Megan’s fibs as she gives her a stern look before continuing to listen.

Megan then says: “Yeah, I also like to run in my spare time. I’ve done about five marathons. Two of them were in Dublin and then the rest of them were across Europe.”

The mortified gran continues to watch on in disbelief at Megan’s bold-faced lies, furrowing her brow as she stares hilariously at her granddaughter.

Megan then continues: “Yeah, I usually complete them in about three and a half hours – I think was my best time. So, they’re my hobbies.

“I also enjoy reading about physics, particularly about quantum physics.

“I’m really interested in that, so that’s what I normally spend my time doing – just reading my physics, training for my marathons and then playing the violin.”

Megan’s grandma then leans backwards in bewilderment, scoffing at her fibs before seemingly attempting to get a look at the phone to see who is calling.

Megan then pretends that the employer has asked to put her on hold and prompts her grandmother: “How do you think I’m doing?”

She chuckles as her grandmother whispers back, “You’re a liar” before covering her face in shame and chuckling in disbelief.

The unamused grandmother.
Pictured: The unamused grandmother. (C) @meganhussey8/TikTok.

Megan then asks, “What else shall I say?” and a family member can be heard suggesting: “Airline pilot.”

Having been taken “off hold”, Megan then hilariously adds to the fake employer: “I’m also training for my pilot license.”

Megan’s grandma appears to have had enough of the hilarious fibs and lurches forward laughing at her granddaughter’s lies.

She tries to stifle her laughs as Megan then says in the phony conversation: “Yeah, it takes quite a long time but to be honest, I’m finding it pretty easy actually.”

Her grandma then leaves the table and tries to distract herself by pulling down the blinds as Megan boasts: “Yeah, it’s kind of a breeze, really, considering that I read quantum physics books.

“It relaxes me, the physics. So, yeah, the pilot is quite a breeze, yeah.”

The baffled gran then turns to her granddaughter one last time, wagging her fingers at Megan in a gesture to convince the phony applicant to come clean to her would-be employer.

Megan took to social media yesterday, writing: “When your granddaughter is an esteemed musician, marathon runner, pilot, and quantum physicist.”

The post received over 3,160 likes and dozens of comments from users left tickled by the prank.

One person wrote: “Closing the blinds in case the neighbours see you lying.”

Another said: “The head tilts got me.”

A third commented: “The whisper caught me off guard.”

A fourth added: “Reading my physics? What a line.”