Busker gives new twist to tune with howling feature from his own pooch

A LONDON busker gave a new twist to his tunes thanks to a howling feature from the vocals of his pet dog.

Brad Jameston was joined by his pooch Buddy during a performance at the foot of the London Eye in Lambeth on Monday night.

With Brad on guitar and vocals for a performance of Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi, Buddy drew in the crowds with his own unique paw-formance of the song.

Video shows Brad standing next to the Millenium Wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames, which is lit up in deep purple.

At Brad’s feet lie a swathe of golden fair lights – and his best pal Buddy, who appears to have garnered a small crowd of onlookers.

Brad can be heard crooning Capaldi’s chart-topping tune whilst playing the acoustic guitar.

However, his dulcet tones are aided along by Buddy – who howls in conjunction with his vocals for a hilariously unique cover of the song.

Pictured: Brad and Buster singing together. (C) @kittykateeers/TikTok.

Buddy keeps up the act, howling all through the chorus before Brad pauses for a second to address the audience, joking: “He absolutely loves this song.”

The crowd laugh as the star of the show, Buddy, turns to see his audience and wags his tail before sidling up to his best friend.

The heartwarming footage was captured by onlooker Ione, who shared the footage on Monday with: “Main character supporting his human. Brad Jameston and Buddy. Best duo.”

The post received over 99,300 likes and more than 400 comments from fans were left moved by the footage.

One person wrote: “It’s the fact that the dog seems to know the notes.”

Another said: “The Grammy award goes to Adorable Pup.”

A third commented: “Okay, when I thought I couldn’t miss London any more than what I already do (sic), this pops up […] Best duet in the best city.”

A fourth joked: “What a voice. I won’t say who I’m talking about.”

Brad also added in the comments: “This is so cool. Thanks for the support, guys, and thanks, Ione, for posting.”