Kind-hearted Scots pub landlord raising money for foodbank by letting punters play “Rangers penalty bingo”

A SCOTS pub landlord is offering punters the chance to win cash by hilariously playing Rangers penalty bingo at his boozer.

Mark O’Callaghan runs The Auld Hoose in Perth, Perthshire and has revealed a tantalising offer to his punters – offering a raffle on what minute Rangers will get a spot kick this weekend.

The 51-year-old is offering a bingo ball of numbers matching the minutes of the match and if the Gers are awarded a penalty, then a punter will land a £50 cash prize.

Rangers penalty bingo
The bingo will raise money for Perth and Kinross foodbank. Credit: Mark O’Callaghan

The big-hearted licensee is hoping to raise funds for Perth and Kinross Foodbank ahead of the festive season whilst also having some banter with his regulars.

The game between Rangers and third-placed St Mirren offers a good likelihood of a penalty being awarded with the Govan side having had six penalties in their last four league games.

The Paisley Saints have managed to land three pens so far in their march up the table to a European spot.

Mark hopes that punters will take the bingo game as intended and admits that his pub serves plenty of banter as well as booze.

An image shared by Mark on social media yesterday shows a snap of the “Penalty Rangers” decal used by the Ibrox side in social media posts.

However, the landlord has tweaked the image by pasting the word “bingo” over “Rangers”.

He wrote: “This weekend in Auld Hoose Perth, play Rangers penalty bingo, Rangers are at home to St Mirren at 3pm on Sunday.

“So, to raise some more money for the Perth and Kinross Foodbank, we will be selling numbers for £1 each from 1 to 95.

“Whatever number corresponds to the minute they get a penalty (because we all know it’s a certainty) then you are the winner.

“The winning minute will receive £50 cash and the rest goes to the foodbank, on the off chance that Wullie Collum or Brother Beaton aren’t reffing the game and there isn’t a penalty, all money collected will go to the foodbank.”

Mark’s post received dozens of likes and comments from social media users left in stitches at his hilarious charity idea.

Pauline McLaughlan said: “Brilliant.”

Steve Fairlie joked: “Are most of the boxes 90+?”

Henrik Cush quipped: “I’ll take 90+ and stick a million quid on it please.”

Speaking today, Mark said: “We have all different kinds of supporters in our pub, Saints, Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen, Dundee United and always winding each other up about football.

“The topic on everyone’s lips has been VAR and Rangers ‘conveniently’ getting the benefit of some decisions, especially when certain referees are in charge of their match.

“We are already doing a Christmas draw in aid of the foodbank and so thought it would be a bit of fun and a good way to add to that money.

“I’m going to start it on Friday, it will be luck of the draw as numbers are picked out of a bag, but most common thought is any time after 90+, especially if they are losing.

“We always draw numbers as we’ve done it before for a first goal or first booking, there will be 100 boxes, £50 to the winner and £50 to the foodbank, if no penalty then all proceeds to charity.

“I am happy to help, and we are also currently doing a draw where people can basically win their entire Christmas.

“The draw takes place on 9 December, so people still have time to get tickets, they are £1 each and one lucky person wins everything on the list, all prizes donated by other fab local businesses.

“The more people know about it, the more money raised for the foodbank if people buy tickets.

“The more money we make for the foodbank the better as people really depend on it and I hate to think of folk not having stuff, especially at Christmas time.”

Tickets for the raffle can be purchased from The Auld Hoose pub, as well as tickets for the bingo raffle ahead of Sunday’s clash between Rangers and St Mirren.