Scots salmon farmer captures stunning snaps of humpback whale in Loch Striven

A SCOTS salmon farmer has captured stunning snaps of a humpback whale cruising through the waters of Loch Striven.

Jamie Sillars was out on the waters of the loch last Thursday, having been alerted to the presence of the whale by coworkers earlier in the week.

So, the 43-year-old set out early in the morning with pal Donald Park, with the pair hopeful of catching a glimpse of the animal.

Sure enough, the whale obliged and came to meet the duo, with amazed Jamie able to capture stunning photos and videos of the creature as it surfaced for air.

The video captured by Jamie shows the whale breaching the surface of the water, its slick black body just visible as it dives.

It then blows a spout of water high into the air before opting to dive back down again, with its huge tail flicking up above the surface before dipping back under.

Further photos show the whale’s oily black back and tail poking above the still waters as it ambles around the loch, whose waters extend off the Firth of Clyde.

Jamie took to social media last Thursday to share his captures, writing: “Whale watching with [Donald Park] today.”

His post garnered dozens of likes and comments from social media users left stunned by the whale.

Stuart Campbell simply said: “Brilliant.”

Nize l’Anson added: “Nice! That’s awesome.”

Helen Moriarty commented: “Wish I’d seen this.”

Speaking today Jamie said: “First time I have seen one, it has been in the loch all week as the other guys that work here have spotted it.

“Great to see these creatures so close up.”

The creature presumably made its way from the ocean via the Firth of Clyde, eventually ending up in Loch Striven.

Whales stick to coastal waters and it is rare for them to swim this far in land, but there have been previous sightings of humpbacks in the area.