Shocking video captures moment van crashes into car after sliding out of control on icy hill

A SHOCKING video captures the moment a van crashes into a car after sliding out of control on an icy hill.

Grace Fielding was parked at the side of Bray Hill in Douglas, Isle of Man on Sunday watching a grey SUV attempting to turn round on the incline – which had turned icy after rainfall and low temperatures.

Grace watched on horrified however, when a large blue van misjudged the conditions whilst driving down and slid out of control, wiping out his fellow motorist and crashing into a wall.

Video filmed from inside Grace’s vehicle sees the SUV slowly attempting a three point turn after seemingly failing to make it up the slippery conditions on the hill.

Police officers can be seen lingering nearby, seemingly in attendance following other crashes that have taken place on the treacherous hill.

Grace can be heard offering commentary in the background as she says: “He’s going to attempt to turn around now and go back up the hill, but he’s just not going to make it.”

However, the car’s efforts are brought to a horrifying halt mid-manoeuvre as the blue van comes barrelling into frame, veering out of control.

Grace lets out a gasp as the van tries to come to a halt but skids sideways, slamming into the side of the SUV which is sent spinning.

The van continues to skid down the hill, eventually coming to a stop after mounting the pavement and crashing into a call as Grace loudly exclaims: “F**k.”

The video was reshared online on Sunday with the caption: “Lack of adhesion at the bottom of Bray Hill – Credit Grace Fielding for the video and the commentary.”

The clip has since racked up over 370 likes and dozens of comments from concerned users.

One revealed: “They had gritted the roads but then it rained, washed it away, then it froze again, hence the carnage.”

Another added: “They had this chaos in Southampton years ago. Brought the city to a standstill… a really dangerous weather event.”

A third said: “My man was coming in hot, should have dropped her back a couple of gears on approach.”

Another replied: “In Sweden, winter tires are required from 1 December to 31 March.

“Studded tires are allowed 1 October to 15 April, it would never have happened if he had studded tires and adjusted his speed to the road conditions.”

Police confirmed five vehicles in total were damaged due to the icy conditions around the Isle of Man.

This incident resulted in Bray Hill, Stoney Road and Thorney Road being closed for several hours.

Thankfully no injuries were reported.