Woman captures hilarious montage of unfortunate Brits repeatedly skidding on icy pavement outside her house

A WOMAN has captured a hilarious montage of Brits repeatedly slipping on an ice-covered pavement outside her house.

Emily Brown watched on from her window on Sunday after noticing pedestrians having trouble navigating the treacherous path.

Scores of people can be seen sent skidding and tumbling down to the ground as Emily, from Leeds, West Yorkshire, watched on cheekily.

The video shows an edited compilation of people struggling to pass the icy patch of pavement outside Emily’s house.

Dean Martin’s Christmas classic Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! is overlaid in the background as the first man, clutching a Sainsbury’s bag, wobbles but retains his balance.

A second woman also manages to stay upright but a third unfortunate woman is not so lucky, being sent sprawling to the ground by the ice.

One after another people come and put their best foot forward, trying to cross the patch of ice without ending up on the floor.

Many are caught off guard and slip before they know what’s happened, leading one or two to have a nasty and unexpected fall.

One man makes a valiant effort to cross while carrying a crate of beer and manages to remain on his feet apparently unbothered by the icy conditions.

But others weren’t so lucky, with at least three people slip and fall to the ground on the stretch of icy pavement.

One little boy can be seen thoroughly enjoying himself as he slides down the ice purposefully before being ushered off by an older lad.

Emily cheekily posted the clip to social media on Sunday with the caption: “Such a wholesome day.”

The video has since received over 256,000 likes and more than 3,000 comments from users left in stitches by the montage.

One said: “The fella was not dropping the case of beer for anything.”

Another added: “I love how Instead of going and putting salt or grit down there, you watched all day, vibes.”

A third said: “And this is why my hands are never in my pockets with snow about – ouchy.”

A fourth joked: “Best video ever. About to go pour water on the path outside my house.”