Laser firm moves to larger Glasgow premises following funding support

WATT Laser has completed a £433,000 project to expand its business within the Clyde Gateway Tradepark in Glasgow, with £128,000 grant support from Scottish Enterprise.

The company moved into the new, larger premises in September 2023 – a move that it says produced improved productivity, greater operational efficiency, increased innovation capacity and the creation of three new full-time jobs.

Watt Laser develops, designs and manufactures cutting-edge laser processes, systems and software, with much of its time dedicated to research and development.

Scottish Enterprise’s support for Watt Laser has included specialist advice as well as grants

The company designs and develops laser solutions for customers in a wide range of industries including electronics, automotive, healthcare and aerospace.

The company says its processes offer increased accuracy, cost savings and waste reductions.

The processes also create energy efficiency and reduce the need for the use of polluting chemicals and gasses.

The firm recently developed its first system for quality control, which it showcased at global electronics trade fair Productronica in Munich in November 2023, attended with support from Scottish Enterprise.

Declan Brannagan, Lead Engineer at Watt Laser, said: “This is an extremely exciting time for Watt Laser.

“The opportunities to utilise laser processing to enhance existing processes and develop new technology are endless.

“Watt Laser’s rapid growth into a dynamic and innovative team ensures we are ready to provide these cutting-edge laser processes.

“Scottish Enterprise has assisted greatly in helping Watt Laser to expand at the rate required to tackle new challenges and put Scotland on the map as a hub of clean laser processing technology.”

Scottish Enterprise’s Head of High Growth Services, Leah Pape, said: “The key to unlocking Scotland’s true productivity potential starts with capital investment in our future-focused industries.

“Having worked with the company since its early days, it’s wonderful to see it growing at pace, continually innovating in an area of fast-paced technological change.

“Companies like Watt Laser demonstrate how, over time, our new approach can unlock thousands of new jobs and billions of pounds of global growth opportunities.”

Scottish Enterprise support for Watt Laser has also included SMART and R&D grants to aid the development of its novel technology.

The support also offered specialist advice in the areas of financial readiness, intellectual property, workplace innovation, international markets and manufacturing excellence.