Love Island star reveals horrifying moment man told her he’d like to “gut her like a fish”

LOVE Island star Kady McDermott has revealed the horrifying moment a man told her he’s like to “gut her like a fish” during her retail-working days.

The 28-year-old was working on the meat and fish counter at her local Waitrose branch as a schoolgirl when the man made the creepy comment.

Although the “regular” was banned from the store as a result of his actions, McDermott went on to reveal that the pair incredibly crossed paths in the street again earlier this week.

McDermott, from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, took to social media yesterday to share the story a decade on from the disturbing threat.

The video begins with the influencer talking about the beginning of her working life whilst at New Look before she got hired to work at grocers Waitrose in Stevenage.

The Love Islander, who appeared on the show last summer for the second time, said: “Let me tell you about the time I worked in Waitrose.

“So, my first job I worked in New Look at 16, 17 then I upgraded in life and got a job at Waitrose – however the only availability they had was being on the meat and fish counter.”

“I was like great I’m going to stink of fish, but you know I was on £10.50 an hour, baller.

“I took the job, I stunk of fish [but] at least I know how to gut a rainbow trout so if anyone ever needs a rainbow trout gutting, I’m your girl.”

The much-loved Islander explained how she’d regularly be first in over the weekend to complete a ten-hour shift and would often see many familiar faces around the store.

McDermott said: “I used to do the 6am-4pm shift on a Saturday because no one ever wanted to do it but I would literally take anything so I’d be like ‘I will do it’.

“I used to set up the meat and fish counter in the morning and then just serve – you’d get your regulars, you know Waitrose it’s a small town, so you get your locals.”

Kady McDermott
Kady revealed that she was left stunned by the comment and didn’t know if it was meant in a sexual way.

A customer who had been getting served by the youngster then made the disturbing comment whilst she was preparing his fish for him.

The reality star admits that she thought the man was old saying: “Anyways this one man – I’d say he was old, but he probably wasn’t old, when you’re 17 you think anyone above 30 is old.

“He probably wasn’t that old, he was about 45, he would always come at the same time on a Saturday and always get one rainbow trout that he’d want me to behead and gut.

“I’d always do it; he’d never say much just ‘Hi Kady’ because obviously my name tag was there and [he’d] be like the regular please.”

However, things took a strange turn as McDermott explained that the man suddenly made an off-the-cuff remark to the then 17-year-old.

McDermott revealed: “So, you know beheaded his fish for him, gutted it and always give it to him however this one Saturday probably the eighth Saturday in a row that I was working there.

“He was looking at me intensely while I was gutting his fish, I was like ‘Why is he staring at me’, anyway I carried on gutting the fish and he said ‘Kady, I would love to gut you like that fish’.

“I was 17, I didn’t know if he meant that sexually or [if] he was going to gut me and kill me.

“Obviously I gave him his fish, he went on his way, and I told my manager, the manager ended up getting him banned from Waitrose.”

Incredibly, after over a decade of not crossing paths, the man recognised McDermott in the street on Monday and approached her.

The Love Islander alum said: “So anyway, yesterday I’m walking down the street, and some man comes up to me and goes ‘Hi Kady, do you remember when you got me banned from Waitrose?’

“I was like ‘What is this crackhead on’, so I just walked off. Anyway, put two and two together – the man remembered me.

“I should’ve said ‘Look I’m now going to gut you like that fish’.”

McDermott shared the video to social media yesterday with the caption: “I also do not like store-bought pesto.”

The video received over 29,000 likes with hundreds of comments from fans stunned by the confession.

One said: “Imagine him watching this.”

Another added: “This story took such a wrong turn, I nearly choked.”

A third replied: “Bet he was gutted.”

Kady McDermott is one of only two Love Islanders to have appeared in more than one series alongside Geordie Adam Collard who is now dating former talkSPORT presenter Laura Woods.